What’s Smokin – Cigar Bundles of Miami

A couple years ago, I was down here in Florida City, Florida and ran across Cigar Bundles of Miami. I walked in and said What’s Smokin? OK, not really, but it’s a good key word!

this pic is from outside of Cigar Bundles at night with my bike in the pic

Another One Of Those Rare Finds

Two years ago, I was down in Florida City for the Turkey Point outage and ran across this rare gem.

I had been here on several previous jobs and had my routine. I would stay at either the Travelodge or the Quality in, which were both in the same lot. Out in front is a Denny’s, a gas station and a Dunkin Donuts. What more could a guy ask for….. How about a cigar bar?

Well on this trip, that request was answered! I was sitting on the bike in front of Dunkin having a coffee and a donut, thinking that I would have to make a run out to Key Largo for some cigars.

When I looked up, low and behold there was a new sign up at the business attached to Denny’s, “Cigars”. My life just got better.

So I rolled on over to check it out!

What Did I Find

As I recall I walked in and met Jackie and at the time there was no Cigar Pals, just a guy on a Harley who rode around the country looking for cigars.

The place had a lot of room and comfortable leather chairs and a medium size humidor, that was stocked with some nice faces (cigar brands) as my friend Bayer refers to them.

this pic is taken inside of the humidor at Cigar Bundles of Miami

I knew that I would be spending a lot of time in there, since this was obviously my kind of place!

A couple days later I met Alex and he introduced me to the back room, where he kept a large stock of bundled cigars, which at the time was what I searched for, since I smoked several sticks a day and could not afford $10+ cigars.

This is another picture taken inside the humidor showing the shelves of cigars along both sides.

They had just opened Cigar Bundles of Miami in the “Brick and Mortar” version, but Alex told me how they had gotten their start as an online store.

They still maintain a prominent online presence, and if you subscribe to their newsletter, they will send you some really great deals that you can have shipped directly to your home.

Fast Forward

Flash ahead to the present and I must say that I was excited when I found out that I was coming back to Turkey, for this outage, and anticipated seeing how Alex and Jackie were doing with their cigar lounge.

They had made some nice changes including a nice display counter where you pay for your cigars and can order your choice of beverages, mine is usually Cuban Coffee!

This is a pic of Jésus (pronounced Hesoos) behind the counter

Jésus: Can often be found minding the store, doesn’t speak a lot of English, but knows the cigars.

Cigar Bundles also have what I believe are Kraft beers on tap.

Cigar Bundles also have a big screen TV that has us addicted to the Gotham series, and a nice comfortable outside patio where you can

Looking into the lounge from the patio

It was a pleasure to see Alex and Jackie again a to tell them about the blog and all the cigar adventures that I had been having since I last saw them.

pic of Jackie on the left, Alex in the middle and me on the right, all smiles

Alex was excited for me and right away he went to the blog and read some of my posts and commented on them. I believe that he recognized a fellow traveler on the road to traverse the internet and all of it’t complexity.

He has already been down the road that I am now traveling and is willing to answer any questions that I have.

I like talking to guys who are growing in this industry and learn of their struggles and their dreams. They are passionate about the cigar industry and Alex is no exception.

This Is Another One Of Those Places

You have heard me talk about those cigar bars that just feel like you have come home and Cigar Bundles of Miami is one of those places.

You just walk in and know that this is a place where you can feel at home and be comfortable. These are the kind of places where I can get work done on the blog, or on those days when I am not really feeling like working, I can just relax and enjoy my cigar and the ambiance.

Just last Friday night, I decided to do just that and while in the humidor looking for a couple sticks to smoke, I ran into a couple of guys from the plant and we had a great time reminiscing about the good old days of Nuclear Power  out on the patio, when things were much simpler.

this pic was taken out on the patio and has several tables and chairs for fresh air smoking

This is what I talk about so often on this site, you never know who you might meet in a cigar bar/lounge and what kind of adventure it might turn into.

I never want to outrun my adventure and miss great opportunities like this, we laughed and cussed and just generally had a great time, totally unexpected.

Of course, it always came back to cigars and one of these guys was new to cigars, but the other was quite knowledgeable, so we were able to have the deep cigar conversation and encourage and teach the new guy things that we had picked up along the way

Would You Say I Like This Place

I have liked this place since the first day I walked in and I continue to enjoy the down home comfortable feeling I get and the enthusiastic welcome that I receive from Alex and Jackie.

I have mentioned it before and will say it again: When I enter a cigar bar/lounge or store, if the management is warm and inviting, I know that I have something to work with and can probably do a nice post for them. Sometimes I have to work at it to get enough words, because Google wants my posts to be at least 1000 words, but it’s not to hard when I walk into these types of places.

When I stop into one where the management is indifferent, then I no matter how big their humidor or nice their lounge, I just can’t find enough for me to categorize it as a ‘Cigar Adventure” and I walk away with a feeling of “this could have been better” and no enthusiasm.

Obviously the latter is not the case when I visit Cigar Bundles of Miami and I highly recommend that if you get down to Florida City, you should definitely drop in and ask them “What’s Smokin” and I am sure they will offer you something that will pique you taste buds.

You can also go online to https://cigarbundlesofmiami.com and find a wide selection, particularly from their namesake of hand rolled cigars out of Miami, Fl. and have them shipped right to your door.

You can find them at 405 SE 1 Avenue, Florida City, Fl. 33034 or call them at ph: (786)601-7168

Don’t forget to tell them that Chuck From Cigar Pals sent you!

Please feel free to comment or ask question in the section below.

Until the next time, in the words of Clint Black…..You can burn one down for me!


  1. Paul W Weller

    Hi Chuck, hey I just wanted to say thanks for the post. The next time I’m in Miami I’ll check them out. Hopefully Cigars Bundles of Miami will start stockings some of your sticks, Cigarpals.com, as I find them to be one of the best sticks I smoke for the money and think the Miami area deserves to enjoy them as well. Any way. Have a great day !!!

    • Hey Paul: Glad you enjoyed What’s Smokin – Cigar Bundles of Miami. I don’t know about them stocking my cigars, I am having a supply problem with that. I am glad you like them and just to let you know, I am thinking of going with a different manufacturer, who’s cigars I really like. For right now though smoke any you can get ahold of, cause it might be a while before more appear. Take it easy Paul!

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