Viaje Honey & Hand Grenades -The Shiv Review

Today We are reviewing the Viaje Honey and Hand Grenades, Shiv! My friend Tracy gave me a couple of these and said that I should review them. I am by no means the first to review them and I believe that they are no longer produced, so if you find one, you should probably check it out, since they are no more.

Pic of Viaje Honey and Hand Grenade Shiv

from what Farkas says on his site, all of Viaje cigars are boutique small batch cigars

So Who Are These Guys

Viaje Cigars is owned by Andre Farkas (Hungarian for Wolf) and this is what he says about his cigars:

What is Viaje? I get asked this question a lot. Viaje is a boutique cigar company specializing in the small batch approach to cigar making. Viaje represents the idea that quality is better than quantity. That small is better than big. That few are better than many.

Why small batch? Well, there are many reasons. Quality, consistency and most importantly, this is where I get my inspiration. If you enjoy mass-produced cigars, you are in the wrong place. We use tobacco sparingly to execute our vision of what a cigar should look and taste like. Viaje represents the boutique in every sense of the word. This is what I enjoy, this is what I provide, and this is my promise. Join us in the revolution against mediocrity.

There is not a lot on the site, but you can check it out at:

From Halfwheel I got this quote from Farkas:

A lot of time went into this cigar… I have been blending it for a long time. It took about four or five months to blend it. It has a unique shape, a Torpedo foot and a round head. All of the names are all names of weapons… after you stick someone, well, the blade gets red, so there is the red foil.

What’s Under the Hood

Size: 6 1/4 x 50

Strength: Full

Wrapper: Nicaragua (Criollo)

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola: Perfecto

How’d She Run

Start: 10:11 am End: 11:29 Burn Time: 1:18

Aroma: Barnyard, chocolate and citrus

Cold Draw: barnyard, salted caramel

Construction:. Rugged toothy maduro colored wrapper, tight seams small veins, torpedo foot and triple cap

Burn:. Nice clean burn line throughout, ash built to about an inch and a half, before I tapped it off (hate when it falls in my lap) The ash looked like stacked dimes!

Draw:. Open with just enough back pressure

Flavor Profile:

Light Up: barnyard, salted caramel and black pepper on the retro hale

First Third: earthy barnyard flavor, salted caramel and black pepper. Started picking up espresso notes about half-way through the first third

Second Third:. Continued with the barnyard, salted caramel and pepper on the tongue and retro. The espresso became the dominant flavor in the second.

Final Third: Not much changed in the final third, still earthy, with bold espresso flavor, salted caramel way in the back and still a little pepper.

Notes: While not real complex, this stick is complex enough to keep my interest. My buddy Tracy, gave me two of these and I will be looking forward to smoking the other one.

That’s A Wrap

I hope y’all have enjoyed this cigar review of the Viaje Honey and Hand Grenade Shiv.

As always feel free to leave comments, questions or suggestions in the section below.

Till next time Cigar Pals

Smooth smokin!


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