Truly Cigars – Featuring Rocky Patel Cigars

While getting a haircut of all places, by a girl, I stumbled onto a cigar adventure

You just never know!

The other day, my glasses broke and I went to Wally World to see if I could get them fixed. After the repair, I figured that I would get a quick haircut, since Walmart usually has a place for that.

I was in the chair getting my locks clipped and just happened to ask the young lady (sorry, I didn’t get her name) if there was a good cigar bar in Huntsville or Decatur, and she comes off with, “I don’t know of any over there, but there is an awesome one in Florence called Truly Cigars, they feature Rocky Patel Cigars.” I said “Really and how is it that you know about a cigar bar?”

She said that she didn’t smoke, but that her husband did and that they went there quite often.

So off I go!

I looked at the map and found that Florence is about 40 miles away from Athens, where I am staying, so I wasn’t really happy about that, but this is what I do – I search out Cigar Adventures! So, I headed for Florence, which was actually a nice ride. It’s a straight shot from my motel to Florence and then one turn and about a mile up. Most of the ride is through rural country and great for two wheels.

I got up there and found the place and, lo and behold, there is a wooden Indian out front, which I collect pics of and post on my Wooden Indian page

Met the gang!

I walked in the door directly into the humidor, there are three people standing in there and all three work there. I introduced myself and told them what I was doing and received a very warm and enthusiastic greeting. There was Kurt Wilson, one of the owners, Christian ,Walker, who had been working there for over 5 years, and Kayla Tippit ,who has only been there for about a month.

Christian, me Kayla and Tobias

Christian, me Kurt and Tobias


I seem to have hit it off with Kurt right away, and in a very short time, it seemed like we had known each other for years. Kurt is very passionate about cigars and waxes poetic when talking about the subject, he is also extremely knowledgeable and quite fun to talk to.

He not only answered questions, but asked many himself. We probably could have talked for hours. I told him about the 50 cent tour that I received at the Tinder Box in Rapid City, S.D. and he said he had some business to attend to, but that he would be happy to give me the nickle tour. They are a Rocky Patel Cigar store

Kurt then began to show me around the humidor. He picked up what appeared to be a rectangular, ceramic Rocky Patel Cigar  tray and began placing cigars that he thought I would like on it. One of the humorous things that happened was that Kurt told Kayla to watch how he did this, then Kurt and I would get into conversations and Kayla would be standing there, but would find something to do, until we got back to cigar shopping.

While I was visiting with the other three, another fellow walked in and  this was Tobias Jones, the other owner of Truly Cigars.

I came to find out that these guys have been in business for ten years and have done five remodels on the place. They are squeezed in between two other stores in a strip mall and I think Tobias said they only have 1200 square feet of space, which they have made the best use of.

Kayla takes over the tour

Kurt and Tobias were to have a meeting with Christian and apologized for having to leave me in Kayla’s capable hands and took their leave. We went into the lounge where I ordered a drink and Kurt came back over and gave Kayla instructions on how to prepare my cigar, which was what is called a Salomon, from ElaGio, who is a boutique manufacturer in Nicaragua. I can’t tell you a lot about them, other than that they are not real well-known, but produce an excellent product. my editor tells me that they have been around for quite a while, just aren’t as well known.

You can order this cigar by calling Tobias at:  256-275-3601

Kurt had Kayla use a Calibri v-cut, which happens to be what I normally use and Kurt toasted it and held the lighter while I fired it up. This was a splendid stick and probably burned for two hours. I was still smoking it when I got back to the hotel 40 miles away, on my Harley.

Kayla then resumed the tour and took me upstairs to the members lounge, where there were plush leather chairs with ottomans, lockers and a big screen TV. There is also a long work station with plugins where member can get some work done while enjoying a smoke and their favorite adult beverage.

We then headed back downstairs and toward the back where we passed a Zaxby advertisement and the hotline – a red phone that provides a direct line to  Zaxby’s  chicken a couple of doors down that is owned by Kurt. Tobias handles the day to day operation of Truly Cigars as Kurt also owns a chain of Zaxby’s restaurants.

Across from the phone is a collection of pipes of all shapes and sizes that they sell. They apparently do quite a bit of pipe business as well.

Behind the bar is a fine assortment of Scotch for the connoisseur.

At the end of the bar is a nice collection of bourbon and whiskey.

We next went out the back door where they have a large screened-in deck with tables, chairs, a bar and big-screen TV. When we stepped up on the deck (watch your step, it’s just one step but can getcha) we encountered Kurt. Tobias, and Christian, and even though I interrupted their meeting, we were deep in conversation again and took a bunch of pics of the five of us. Then even though I didn’t want to interrupt, we all went back to the humidor for more pics for my Pals page.

After a bit more conversation, we went back into the bar and Kurt and Christian went back out to the deck. I didn’t want to interrupt their business any further and Tobias had stayed inside, possibly to answer any more questions, so I bid him farewell and took my leave promising to return.

What a great group of folks

I was very impressed with the folks at Truly Cigars and their humidor featuring Rocky Patel Cigars. From the moment I walked in the door until I left they made me feel  welcome. Kurt spoke with passion of the camaraderie among cigar smokers and my visit to their shop proved, once again, that this is quite true.

I would also like to mention that they have cigar events at least once a month, and this month they are having two.

A Nat Sherman night and on the 26th they have someone coming in to hand roll cigars, which I plan to attend and will probably do a post about.

So, if you make your way to Florence, Alabama and are looking for a great place to have a cigar, I highly recommend this place.

They can be found at: Truly Cigars, 366C Cox Creek Parkway, Florence, AL, 35630

Or call: 256-275-3601 or email:

Check out their website:

Tell them Chuck from Cigar Pals sent you!


    • Hi Dianne: Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Truly Cigars is Truly a great place to purchase and smoke a stick (cigar). You might enjoy some of my other posts from the past and there are links to some of them and some pages in the article you just read. look forward to sharing future posts with you!

  1. Wesley Nelson

    She left out The Vintage Cigar Lounge in Huntsville. The best selection in North Alabama with hard to get limited cigars. The best liquor selection in town as well with some very good scotch. You need to check it out.

    • Hi Wesley: Thanks for checking out Truly Cigars – Featuring Rocky Patel Cigars. Not sure who you are talking about when you say “She left out” since I am the author of all the stories on this blog?
      Thanks for the tip on Vintage Cigar Lounge in Huntsville, I put it in my notes and will check it out the next time I’m over that way.
      If you get over to Montgomery, check out the Cigar ShoppeAlabama Adventure -Cigar Shoppe, Montgomery, AL

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