Tobacco Grove – They Carry Davidoff Cigars

Hi Cigar Pals: I have discovered another awesome cigar bar called Tobacco Grove and they carry Davidoff Cigars (OK, I didn’t really discover it, it’s been here for about 17 years) But in the wilds of Minnesota (well not really wilds, it in a suburb of Minneapolis). OK, full disclosure, I searched Google for cigar bars around Maple Grove, MN and this place popped up…..Happy Now?

Another Cigar Adventure

This is a pic outside looking at Tobacco Grove, where the sell Davidoff Cigars

After one Hell of a week, between finishing Turkey Point, driving up to Valdosta, Ga. Having everything burn down and dealing with all that mess and then heading to South Carolina to swap vehicles, then hightailing it to Minnesota, with an overnight stop at Pete and Vicki’s in Iowa, I arrived in town ready for a nice stick and some relaxation, before starting another outage.

By the time we got to town at about Noon and found out we could not check in until 3:00pm I was wound tighter that a brake spring (not particular reason I chose a break spring, could have chosen some other kind of spring, but that’s what came to mind).

So, not to belabor  this anymore, we jumped in the truck (yeah, the bike is dead, but I’m looking for another one) and headed over to Tobacco Grove.

When we arrived we met Kole, who is very knowledgeable about cigars and know some big players, Like Eladio Diaz.

We talked shop for a while and who do ya know and what do ya like, in a cigar, but I looked over my shoulder and noticed that there were some folks wanting to pay for their cigars and not be regaled by cigar adventures, so I stepped aside and made my way to the humidor, to see what treasures were buried in there.

Let’s Find Something To Smoke

The first thing that I noticed was that they had a very nice selection of Davidoff Cigars. I don’t smoke a lot of (Davidoff), not because I don’t want to or that they aren’t awesome, but primarily, because They are a bit pricey for my budget (a situation that I hope y’all are going to help me remedy, by purchasing Cigar Pals cigars!)

Also as I scouted around, I noticed that they have the Placensia Saloman, which is an incredible stick that I am very keen on. I’m not real keen on the price though,(about $22 a stick) but sometimes I just can’t help myself and just have to bust open the wallet and go for it.

Unfortunately, when this happens, it’s like a dam bursts and all cigars seem to come into my price range even Davidoff. Next thing I knew, I was smoking a (Colorado) which cost me another $22 bucks!

I really enjoyed the Millennium, but let me tell you about the cigar I am smoking right now as I write this.

I am enjoying a Camacho Criollo (pronounced Krē-yoyo) and it cost me about $9 and I  really like it. The reason that i tell you this is because you don’t have to break the bank to find a complex cigar with alot of flavor.

Camacho Criollo Robusto 5 Pack-CI-CLL-ROBN5PK - 400

Camacho Criollo (buy now)

That word complex is one of my favorite to describe whats going on in a stick. I love it when the blender has combined different leaves to create an experience in their product.

There are cigars that share this trait, from $2 sticks to $20 and up stogies. I just love the nuances that can be found.

I cant always explain what I am tasting, even though I have a wheel chart that tells me what they might be, but it is what I am looking for in a cigar most of the time.

But Sometimes, I Just Want A Kick Ass Smoke

Usually I want the complexity, but sometime, I get in these moods, where I just want a Kick Ass Stogie, heavy on the pepper and no floral necessary.

I just went through one of these periods and I think that it coincides with my mood. When life is giving me lemons, I don’t want lemonade, I want a barn burning, voice changing, nose burning, eyes watering fire breather!

Oh, sorry, I was telling you about Tobacco Grove.

They have a very nice humidor, that is packed with all the name brands. As I said, they carry, Davidoff and Placenscia. Rocky Patel, My Father, Cromagnon, Neanderthal, Hamlet, Perdomo, just to name a few!

The place is spread out with plenty of seating for all, sectioned off with small rooms that allow for privacy to get some work done, or for small or large groups.

I saw a card game going on in one of the back rooms and someone brought their dog in and he seems to have the run of the place and when someone gets up, he will jump in their seat (move your feet, lose your seat)!

Plenty of Accessories

They have plenty of accessories like humidors and lighters. They also have a wide selection of pipe tobacco, pipes and ashtrays.

Tobacco Grove would fall in somewhere between small town and high end and I say this because the accommodations and stock tend do appear to be high end, but the atmosphere is quite friendly like the home town.

I am unfortunately working at the moment and not wandering around chatting with everyone, which is my usual MO. but I feel comfortable and welcome and this allows my mind to be stimulated and the words come easy in this type of environment.

Should I Come Back Again?

I have no doubt that I will be visiting Tobacco Grove again and again, while I am in Minnesota. I also have no doubt that I will be smoking some more Davidoff Cigars and will probably enjoy more Comacho Criollo’s.

For those of you who are relatively new to cigars, or have been stuck in your comfort zone, I just want to tell you again that when you break out of that and start experiencing the adventure, you will be so surprised at what you will discover.

If you smoke the same cigars all the time, cause, you know what you like, you will be missing out on an amazing world flavor that tantalize the pallet.

If you just go in and get your cigars and don’t get to know your fellow smokers, you will cheat yourself out of some lifetime friendships.

Anyhow, I’m getting off my soap box not and going to close out this post.

As always feel free to comment or ask questions below and burn one down for me!

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