Things To Do In Nebraska – South Sioux City Cigar Adventure

Hi Cigar Pals: This is a cigar adventure that had it’s beginning last summer when Deb and I were in South Dakota.

I had been to all the cigar shops in the Sioux Falls area and while performing a search on Google, I found out that there were some cigar shops and one lounge, south of us in Sioux City, Iowa.

Wanting to check out the cigar lounge called Sherms Smoke Shop, I plugged it into the navigation and off we went. What I missed, is that it is in South Sioux City.

If you are looking for things to do in Nebraska (which I was not, at the time) Then The Dublin House is a great place to check out.

Now South Dakota has no helmet law and neither does Iowa. I obviously did not look at the map close enough and as we rolled into Sioux City (Iowa) the GPS had me hang a right turn off of US29 and across the bridge, right into Nebraska (which does have a helmet law)

pic of my bike and trailer in front of Callahan's

Guess what, I didn’t bring a helmet with me and as we rolled across the bridge and came to the first intersection, there was a police car making a right turn in front of me, but he didn’t see me!

Needless to say, I became a little flustered and I turned around and ran right back across that bridge, like a little girl running from a spider.

Here Is What You Probably Don’t Know

You probably don’t know this, but there is a Sioux City, Iowa and there is a North Sioux City, in South Dakota (which I did know about) but what I didn’t know is that there is a South Sioux City, which as you may have guessed by now, is in Nebraska.

Something else that I didn’t know, is that Sherms Smoke Shop is located in Callahan’s Liquor and when that Police car pulled out, he was right in front of Callahan’s just as you come off of the bridge (remember this, cause I will tell you an interesting story that was relayed to me about this location that happened just recently).

If I had known that that was my destination, I would have risked it and pulled in without a helmet.

Should I, Or Shouldn’t I Stop In South Sioux City

So I am heading south out of Sioux Falls anxious to get back to Deb in Arkansas. I am thinking, OK, I am gonna make one more stop at Millers Liquor in North Sioux City, SD.

Then I’m thinking, no, I want to get down the rode, but wait, I haven’t had any real cigar adventures on this ride, so I came up with a plan!

I would stop at Millers and get some cigars and then call Sherms to make sure they were open (which they were) and I could put my helmet on so that I would be legal when I crossed the bridge and that is exactly what I did!

Welcome To The Dublin House

pic of the Sobromesa in front of the Dublin House sign

Confused yet? We have three Sioux Cities, we have should I or shouldn’t I stop, now we have:

  • There is a liquor Store named Callahan’s
  • Inside of that liquor store is a humidor called Sherms Smoke Shop
  • In the back of this liquor store is a cigar lounge called The Dublin House!

Clear as mud, right?

So I go in and talk to a guy at the counter in the liquor store and introduce myself and explain what I do and he only seems to be moderately impressed and tells me that they have a lounge, but they have a two cigar or $10 minimum to get into the lounge and points to the humidor.

I’m a pretty quick study, so I go into the humidor, which isn’t real big (shoot I forgot to take pics of the humidor) but they have some incredible selections and the smell when I walked in, was heavenly!

You may or may not have caught it, but I did a review of the Wiseman by Foundation Cigars and messed up and accidentally deleted the video from YouTube and had accidentally deleted the original videos from my computer, so I have been on the hunt for another one, to re review.

pic of the cap and band of the wiseman

Guess what I found in this humidor, that’s right, a Wiseman, so I will be re reviewing that in the very near future!

Now I am re reviewing, I think I am confusing myself!

There were several other awesome sticks (they even had a Saka Sobremesa) and they had The Super Fly by Oscar and a few others that I felt like I needed.

So I rushed back to the counter, to tell the guy about the treasures that I had discovered in the humidor and ….. he was like, that’s nice, cash or card?

Then he said, I don’t know a lot about the cigars, but the owner and some other folks are in the lounge and they know all about cigars. Yay!

Quick, To The Bat Cave, ah Cigar Lounge

Pic of Shennen and me at the Dublin House

Shennen and me

So I rushed on back to the cigar lounge and the first thing that caught my eye, was this huge wooden door and the handle was a double barrel shotgun, that was so cool!

pic of shotgun door handle entering Dublin House

I went inside and sought out the owner (I might have said, which one of y’all is the owner?) who turned out to be the guy, I couldn’t see, because there is a bar that blocked my view.

I encourage y’all often to visit the lounge and meet the folks in there, but for those who have never seen me in a cigar lounge, it is a sight to behold!

I am like a kid on Christmas morning and everyone gets to enjoy my enthusiasm. This was a classic Cigar Pals entry, within seconds everyone knows who I am and what I do.

I was making my introduction to Shennen and right away him and those close by agreed that this is a neat endeavor and they shared their enthusiasm for Cigar Pals and welcomed me to The Dublin House.

I praised Shennon for the incredible selection of faces in the humidor and told them (Shennon, Jennifer, Blaine and Curt (Shad had not arrived at this point)) about the treasures that I had found in there.

pic of Jennifer in the lounge


We chatted and I was telling them about the fact that I often forget to take pics and notes (as I was taking notes) and how Deb usually has my back on this stuff, so I get to play and not be bothered about such trivial things.

a pic of Blaine at the Dublin House


Then I got my picture taken with Shennon in front of the Dublin House sign.

I also mentioned to them that I have a new blog called Guitars and Cigars and told them about that and Shennon asked me if I was going to be around a while and I explained that I needed to get back to Arkansas, but that I would be coming back through next week and he invited me to bring the CBG in and jam some, so that’s what I will probably do.

Pic of Kurt in the Lounge


He had a meeting he had to get to and had to leave, but assured me that he would be reaching out to me and guess what, he did and once again invited me to bring my cigar box and play some, so, while it wasn’t my plan, we actually did our first live performance of Guitars and Cigars  at the Dublin House (Sorry Rich at The Cigar Shoppe in Ellwood City PA).

After Shennon left I chatted with Jennifer and Blaine and by then Shad had arrived and we sat around smoking and visiting like we were long-lost kin and had a grand time (I did, I’m pretty sure they did too)

pic of Shad in the lounge


Curt was the quiet guy at the other end of the bar. I knew he was the quiet guy….well, because he was quiet, and they told me he was quiet.

He is actually a retired 20 year veteran of the South Dakota Highway Patrol and we did talk about SD gun laws and a few other things.

Shortly thereafter Jennifer and Blaine had to leave, so that left Shad and me …. and the quiet guy. I enjoyed talking with Shad about several things, not the least of which being that he was smoking a Super Fly.

When I first met him, he asked if i had tried one and Shennon, told him that I had one in my bag and i mentioned that I had reviewed that cigar and really liked it.

This Was A Grand Cigar Adventure

After all these months of Covid and no one being able to congregate, I really enjoyed having a real cigar adventure.

I almost forgot to tell you:

During the recent unrest in the inner cities, I guess they were having some unrest in Sioux City Iowa and the South Sioux City (Nebraska) Police congregated in Shennon’s parking lot at the end of the bridge, because they were under manned, they didn’t want to take a chance on them getting beyond the bridge if they came across.

They asked him if he minded them being there and he was like, nope! Rioters have a tendency to trash liquor stores, but they weren’t likely to try one with a bunch of police in the parking lot.

I guess Shennon was out there handing out cigars to the police and he had stickers made up, that I will include a pic, but I can’t remember what it says right now and its in the bike.

Cigar Team 6 Sticker pic that Shennen gave me

So, if you are looking for things to do in Nebraska and you are in South Sioux City,  check out the Dublin House and have your own cigar adventure.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or questions in the section below.

Till next time Cigar Pals

Smooth Smokin!


  1. Deb

    What a great adventure. With everything that’s been going on, Things To Do In Nebraska – South Sioux City Cigar Adventure is a glowing beginning to start out after everything has been closed. As usual, you remembered not to outrun your adventure. By the way, good recovery on the Wiseman…looking forward to the review ?

    • Thanks for checking out the post Deb. Yeah, people need to get back to living, and nothing makes ya feel more alive, than sharing a stick with friends. Nope didn’t outrun this adventure! I am looking forward to reviewing the Wiseman again!

  2. Renee

    I just kept thinking your trip was takeing you to jail,and with out any cigars and no bike..This really gave me some S T R E S S. But I loved it.

    • Thanks again for checking out the post Renee. I am assuming you are talking about me crossing the bridge without a helmet? They don’t throw you in jail for that, they just write a ticket, so, no stress!

    • Shennen Saltzman


      When are you coming back??? Thanks sooo much for your visit and the very special “unplugged” jam session.

      See you on your return Chuck!!

      Shennen Saltzman , owner
      Callahan’s Dublin House Cigar Lounge
      South Sioux City, NE


      • Hi Shennen: Thanks for checking out the post Things To Do In Nebraska – South Sioux City Cigar Adventure. We had an awesome time at the Dublin House doing Guitars and Cigars. Even though everything did not go as planned, we still had fun and hope to do another show with the cigar box guitars. I am working on getting them tweaked so we don’t run into the same problem with the lights.
        I just edited the video and am getting ready to do the post and it should be up by tomorrow at

  3. renee

    So how many cigars did you smoke from SC IA and NEB and N SC SD and S SC NEB?By now I lost track where you are at.But guess it was worth it Thanks for the little ride along.

    • Hi Renee: Thanks for checking out my post Things to do in Nebraska – South Sioux City Cigar Adventure. Yeah, I actually got confused myself. I smoke a lot of cigars while I was there and purchased a bunch and have smoked most of them. I also purchased several cigars at Millers in North Sioux City, IA and have smoked most of them also. Still confused, I know I am!

  4. Jeffrey S Kempson

    Well interested story. I enjoyed the fellowship you had with everyone. Hope you get to play another day.

  5. What a hoot. I went to undergrad in Sioux City, Iowa, and spent more than my fare share of time drinking over in South Sioux City, NE. At that time it was a “border town”, with more relaxed liquor laws, and not so interested in those pesky IDs. You get the picture.

    Both Callahan’s and Dublin House were there in the late 69s – early 70s. I spilled plenty of money over the bar in both places.

    The funniest part is the story of North Sioux, South Dakota. It was a real border town. Bars and liquor stores, and more bars, and more liquor stores – 3.2 beer, drunken college kids, drunken locals, bar-room fights, fights in the parking lot, etc. etc.

    The end of story is that in the 80s Gateway Computor and developers bought up all the land, tore down the sleazy bars, and built a Gateway corporate campus with lots of green grass and trees. That was followed by the construction of upscale homes for the execs, and a golf course. It’s hard for me to get my brain around the 180 degree change that took place in hard-scrabble North Sioux.

    Thanks for the adventure article which shook loose more than a few memories.

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