Supreme Tobacco Bohekio – Cigar Review

Hola Cigar Pals: today we are going to do a cigar review of the Supreme Tobacco companies Bohekio.

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There’s a new kid on the block, and made their debut appearance this year at the PCA (Premium Cigar Association) trade show, Supreme Tobacco is their name and they hail from the Plateau Central in Haiti. Supreme is a linear cigar manufacturer, meaning that they have their own farms where they grow the tobacco, also their own manufacturing plant and they distribute their product.

I got to meet these folks and found out that while they grow the tobacco in Haiti, they actually send it to the Dominican Republic where it is cured, rolled and aged, then packaged for distribution

They were a fun group to visit with and while not everyone was busy during the show, these folks seemed to be doing quite well and it appeared that they received many orders for their product.

What’s Under the Hood

Size: 5 x 50

Strength: Medium/Full

Wrapper: Dominican Sun Grown Habano

Binder: Haiti

Filler: Haiti

Vitola: Robusto

How’d She Run

Start: 8:30 am End: 9:50 am Burn Time: 1:20

Aroma: Rich earthy cedar, and floral notes

Cold Draw: earth, cedar, floral

Construction: Colorado Maduro colored wrapper, tight seams, small veins, open foot and triple cap.

Burn: Nice and even through the first third, starts to canoe a little in the second third and interestingly, the ash rolls off in an ark, had to do a slight touch up, not really a problem. In the final third, burn was nice, bu the ash did that ark thing again, would have been a conversation item if I was smoking with someone else.

Draw: Just a tad tight, but seemed to really work for this cigar.

Flavor Profile:

Light Up: Cedar and floral

First Third: Cedar if in the front, a salted caramel is just starting to show up, floral hints remain, short finish, by the end of the first third, everything is becoming more flavorful and the finish is becoming longer

Second Third: Early in the second third, the salted caramel comes to the front and becomes sweeter, especially on the finish, which is lasting longer. A little pepper develops midway through the second third.

Final Third: Maintains all those flavor notes, the rich earthy cedar, the salted caramel, with the sweetness on the finish, and the pepper on the retro and just a little in the back of my throat.

Notes: This cigar has all the characteristics of a Dominican cigar, which would make sense since they are on the same island.

This cigar is not really all that complex, but has some nice smooth flavors that make it an interesting stick throughout. No issues to complain about!

Smooth And Steady

Smooth and steady, that would be my best description for this cigar. While not being real complex, the subtle flavor notes kept my interest. I really like the blend on this one.

I would smoke this cigar every day and will be looking for it on the market. I can’t wait to find the next one. Unfortunately I don’t know when that will be, since their website is under construction and we don’t know who those retailers are who purchased their cigars at the show. I will leave the link to their site and hopefully we will know in the near future, where we can get them.

Hey, let me know if you have had one of the Supreme Tobacco, Bohekio. I hope you enjoyed this cigar review.

As always feel free to leave comments, questions or suggestions in the section below

Until next time

Smooth Smokin!


    • Hi Cigar Adventurer, Thanks for checking out the post. Yeah, Haiti isn’t well known for growing tobacco, but because they are on the same island as Dominican Republic, it doesn’t surprise me. I really enjoyed the Bohekio and if ya get a chance, you should check it out and let me know what you think.

  1. I’ve been smoking these for about 2 months now, and just purchased another box of Robusto Gordos. These are some very good cigars. Great taste, well-constructed, steady burn and draw, pleasant aroma, and reasonable price point. A must try.

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