Super Fly By Oscar – Cigar Review

The other day, I went up to the Redland Cigar Company and had a nice Cigar Adventure that I told y’all about in my post San Antonio Cigar Lounge Trifecta.

I also mentioned in that article that I had the opportunity to be introduced to the Super Fly by Oscar and that I would do a cigar review on that stick, so here we go!

pic of the Super fly cigar

Super Fly, by Oscar


Who Is Oscar

Oscar Valladares is a guy who used to be in the tourism industry, taking tourists out to Rocky Patels place and somehow Rocky ended up hiring him and he worked for Rocky for 9 years.

Oscar opened a shop in Danli, Honduras in 2011 with a handful of rollers (torcedors) selling fresh rolled cigars.

In early 2012 Bayron Duarte, who worked for over 20 years for General Cigars and Oliva, told Oscar about a small factory that was for sale.

Oscar and Bayron, with the financial support of Oscars brother Hector purchased the factory, Still only operating with a few rollers, they produce their first brand of cigar.

In each box was a bonus cigar wrapped in a tobacco leaf and to be smoked on December 21st to symbolize “The End Of The Era”. The Leaf was to commemorate the way the ancient Mayans would bunch up the tobacco leaves and smoke them.

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The Leaf And Bean

Oscars first client was a guy named Jim Robinson in Pittsburg, Pa. who owned a shop called The Leaf and Bean.

Jim wanted them to make the house blend for his shop, but he wanted them to wrap all the cigars in the leaf.

His first order was 5000 cigars, which flew off the shelf in just a couple weeks. Pretty soon, Oscar was receiving orders from all over the US.

The Super Fly

In the Super Fly, Oscar has broke from his traditional blending habits, using Dominican tobacco for the first time and also this is the first time that he has blended a Full Body cigar.

Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro

Binder: Honduras

Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

The Experience

Start: 10:30 AM End: 11:46 AM Burn: 1:16

Smell: Earth, Raisin, Bakers Chocolate

Construction: Nice Dark Brown Satiny, Tight Seams, Very Small Veins, Triple Cap

Draw: Smooth with just a slight back pressure.

Burn: Had some issues early on, with connoeing and the ash split, did a touch up and no problems from there on. The ash would drop off in 1″ chunks.

Flavor: Sweet Fermented Raisin, Bakers Chocolate, Earth, some hints of Red Pepper, Molasses, Cinnamon. Short Finish.

Some Notes About The Super Fly

This was a pretty interesting cigar, with a good bit of complexity. There was a lot of flavor throughout, with no one flavor dominating the others, which is very unusual for a cigar.

I had some burn issues early on, but with a touch up, that went away and there were no more issues.

I would rate this stick a solid 90, probably 92 if I hadn’t had that one issue!

Do I Recommend it – You Betcha!

This being the second one that I have tried, I highly recommend this cigar. Anyone who likes a complex cigar should try this stick.

This is a smooth cigar and even though they call it bold, the flavors mix so well together, that I see no reason that any seasoned cigar smoker, even if you prefer a milder stick, should not give it a try.

While this is definitely different from what we have seen from Oscar in the past, he has once again created a masterpiece.

I hope you have enjoyed Super Fly by Oscar cigar review and will continue to check out my posts here at Cigar Pals.

I will be out at Club Humidor at 7074 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216 tomorrow night where they are having an event for Crux Cigars from 4-7 PM

If you are in the San Antonio area, come and check it out!

As always, please feel free to leave comments, suggestions for things you would like to see on Cigar Pals or questions in the comments section below.

Till next time: Burn Baby Burn!


  1. Bill Doll

    Great review, since Leaf by Oscar is one of my favorite sticks I’ll have to try this new offering. And glad to have you back writing!

    • Hi Bill: Thanks for checking out my cigar review of Super Fly by Oscar. Yeah, Oscar makes some great sticks, you won’t be disappointed with this one. What did you think of the Sin Compromiso?

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