Smokin With The Remnant Sons – At The Cigar Shoppe

Howdy Cigar Pals: I recently had the opportunity to hang out with the Lawrence County chapter of the Remnant Sons MC at the Cigar Shoppe in Ellwood,PA smoking cigars and talking motorcycles, cigars and anything else that came up.

Pic at the cigar shoppe with the Remnant Sons

Some of the Sons

I always love to come back to my home town and visit with family and friends and I also love to visit the Cigar Shoppe, they have been near and dear to me since the first time I went in and they became my very first post on Cigar Pals.

Who Are The Remnant Sons

The Sons are a national Christian Motorcycle Club (MC). They ride hard sharing the love of Jesus Christ and reaching out to help those in need.

(The following is taken from their website and will hopefully give you a better understanding of their mission)

Brotherhood is formed in times of work and play. We spend as much time as we can together. So we ride. We ride hard, work hard, and play hard. Most of the work we do is spent as servants at Easyrider Rodeos. These are mandatory events that we ride to and work at. Our reputation is built on hard work and respect. Our word is our bond.

as a national club, we involve ourselves in national events, but we take great pride at the work we do in our local communities. Local chapters serving their neighbors, making things happen for Jesus and loving people where they are.

following Jesus is not pretty. We carry the scars and messiness of those relationships.

Remnant means not many. Not many show up for the hard stuff. Not many stand firm these days. Not many know the depth of service. Not many understand the soul scratch of brotherhood. We do. there’s not many. But the ones who are here are treasured and appreciated.

A Little Background

These guys usually try to get together on Thursdays and quite often that gathering takes place at the Cigar Shoppe, which works out nicely, since most of them enjoy a nice cigar.

Two very close friend of mine are members of the Sons and that is why I got the invite to join them for their Thursday meet.

I have become very close to Pastor Dave and Paul in recent years and Paul and I go all the way back to when we were kids growing up in this town. We lost contact for many years and when I came back home several years ago now, I found Paul’s number in the phone book (remember those) while looking for someone else and I reached out to him.

Pic of my friend Paul


When we got together, he told me that at first he wasn’t going to return my call, because he couldn’t think of what we could have in common after all these years.

We came to find out that we both rode and loved motorcycles, enjoyed shooting guns to name a few and most important we were both believers who had lived pretty rough lives, before we found the faith.

Pic of Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave

Paul introduced me to Pastor Dave, who really is a pastor at the First Baptist Church in Ellwood and I have grown to consider him as my pastor.

Dave rides and shoots and smokes cigars and enjoys an adult beverage occasionally (all in moderation).

Smokin With The Sons

When Dave invited me to have a cigar, I didn’t know that this was with the Sons, I thought it was just with him and Paul, but I was honored when I showed up and found that several of the sons were there and more on the way.

When a few more arrived, I (jokingly) informed them, that I was not a “hang around” (someone who hangs out with the club, but is not a member)

I have been to a few of the bigger functions and know several of the club members and was pleased when Jesse (I know him as Sean) informed me that I was a friend of the club (I like that).

There were about 9 of us there that night and of course I had to ask what everyone was smokin, then I did a short video of the guys and then went out and videoed the bikes.

We had a nice time smokin and chattin as brothers of the leaf as well as brothers of the motorcycle fraternity and also brothers in the faith.

In a world that seems to have gone crazy (if you listen to the news) its always nice to stop and enjoy a nice stick and hang out with like-minded friends.

As always feel free to leave comments, suggestions or questions in the section below.

Till next time

Smooth Smokin and Ride Safe!


  1. David McQuaid

    Well, friend of the club, we love ya, and there is nothing you can do about it. Glad to have ya around anytime.

  2. Debbie

    This post, Smokin with the Remnant Sons – at the Cigar Shoppe, reminds me of coming home after being gone a long time and feeling like you never left. Its great that you have a group of friends who can welcome you back so warmly. And yet, this is how cigars bring you all together. Interesting…

  3. Paul

    Well Chuck, as usual another nice story. Your a good friend and brother from another mother. We will always share the most important Father. Our Heavenly Father. Keep on doing what you do bro. Your stories are always interesting.

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