Smoker’s Choice -Don’t Outrun Your Adventure!

 A couple  of years ago, I had an awesome cigar experience at Smokers Choice, that I think I will tell you about. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and me from too much embarrassment (well maybe not, since without that part the story would lose too much of its flavor)

Needed gas – oh a cigar store!

I was on my way to Sturgis South Dakota, cause that’s what bikers do in early August. I had spent the night in Indianapolis, Indiana at a fleabag hotel and was up early and on the road to the big rally. I discovered when I got to the town of Brownsburg that I needed gas, so I rolled down the off- ramp. When I got to the light I saw a sign for a cigar store and thought, oh cigars, I probably need some, so that’s where I went!

Window Licker

I pulled up to the Smoker’s Choice Cigar store and Bar and went in. Wow! What a humidor they had!  I was like a kid in a candy store. I’m looking at all these cigars, I mean there were thousands of them, and I was in heaven. At first, I didn’t realize that their windows in the humidor looking out into the bar area but when I did, what did I see but this beautiful bar maid with a low-cut top, short skirt and tall pumps on her feet.

I started drooling immediately and at each window I would gaze upon this wondrous beauty and think to myself…..well I won’t tell you that part, but I was intoxicated by her beauty.

I finished up my shopping and went and paid for my cigars (after a few more trips by the windows)

I went outside and was trying to figure out where to stash my cigars, since my traveling humidor is buried on my bike when I am traveling. This guy walks up and starts chatting with me,, asking about my cigar purchases, and introduces himself as Dave, the proprietor of the store and bar.

Then he invites me in for a cigar!

Well shoot yeah, I’ll come in.  I had been trying to talk myself into going in anyhow to meet you know who, but I was on a mission to get to Sturgis (did I mention I was two weeks early?).

Got to meet the Angel and the gang

So, I go in and the first person I get to meet is Pam (name changed). For some reason I immediately start hitting on her. I was cranking up the charm full bore and couldn’t even help myself, I was mesmerized!

Then Dave introduced me to the gang, and I sat down, fired up a stogie and started visiting with these nice folks. They made me feel welcome immediately and I told them my story, which made me an instant celebrity.

When Pam (not really her name) came by to take orders, I would fall all over myself (I really could not help myself)

Well then (mean) Jackie, just kidding Jackie, if you ever read this, informed me that Pam had a husband (a much bigger celebrity than me). Well, my bubble was popped, but I still thought she was beautiful!

Don’t Out Run Your Adventure

I visited with these folks long enough to smoke my cigar, then informed them that it was time for me to be traveling on (I had to get to Sturgis two weeks early) So I bid them all farewell at Smoker’s Choice and headed out the door.

As I was getting on my bike, Jackie came out the door heading for a pedicure appointment and about ran into this guy James (I think that was his name). She gives him a big ole hug and then brings him over to meet me. We get to talking and I come to find out that he owns property on Lolo Pass in Montana. The irony of this is that, I had just been on Lolo Pass about a month before this.

I had been riding all over the country that summer and I have some friends in Missoula, Montana that I was visiting  when I ran into a guy that suggested that I go over Lolo Pass. Some fishing and movie fans will remember that in the movie (A River Runs Through It) Brad Pitt got in trouble playing cards in Lolo, Montana and since this is one of my favorite movies, and being a fly fisherman, I felt obliged to go check it out.  We started talking about Montana and just hit it off right away  (but I had to get to Sturgis two weeks early).

I left them and went to the gas station and filled up my tank and remembered something that my friend Scooter Tramp Scotty always says ” Don’t move too fast or you will out run your adventure and I’m thinking to myself…. Am I outrunning my adventure?

Soooooo, I turn around and go back to Smoker’s Choice  When I walk in the whole crowd yells CHUCK (like I was Norm on Cheers) “you back from Sturgis already!”

Well I hung around there til the place closed and met a ton of people, smoked way too many cigars, and had a ball!

So You Can Probably Guess the Gist of This Story

So, I learned a very valuable lesson as a result of this experience, and I try to remember this whenever I get to running too fast and think I need to be somewhere in a hurry. I have slowed way down in my travels and my pace of life has changed. This blog is helping a lot, because now I have to find Cigar Adventures to write about.

Even now as I recall this story, I am once again on my way to Sturgis and am riding with some friends and the other day I received a message from a friend in Arkansas inviting me to go visit. I left the friends I was traveling with and stopped by to visit my friend, then caught up with the guys in another town in Arkansas where we are visiting with one of there friends,  just meandering along enjoying the adventure!

I will never forget my visit to the Smoker’s Choice – it changed the way I live.

You can visit the folks at Smokers Choice at

729 N Green St, Brownsburg, IN 46112,  ph:(317) 858-0297

Tell em Chuck sent you!

Also feel free to comment or ask questions below.


    • Thanks for checking out my blog Chip! I know what you mean, it’s real easy to want to get to our destination, but as in this story I would have missed a great cigar adventure if I had continued on course. Hope you will check in occasionally to see whats new on the blog as most of my stories are about the journey ands not just about the cigars.

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