San Antonio Cigar Shops – On Another Adventure

A funny thing happened today on my way to a cigar adventure, I ended up on another adventure!

I decided that today would be a day to go find a cigar adventure, even though I knew that the weather was supposed to be a little cool I just couldn’t put it off any longer and I had to ride the bike (because that’s who I am, a guy who rides around on a Harley having cigar adventures and then writes about them).

So last night I was on Google looking at San Antonio Cigar shops and found a place called Cigar Pointe It would be a bit of a ride, but they looked promising.

The Adventure On The Way To The Adventure

So this morning I bundled up and cranked up the Harley and blasted down the road.

There is the shortest route and then there is Chuck’s route. I hate traffic and try to stay out of it for as long as possible. I knew I would have to get on a busy highway at some point, but I wanted to prolong the misery for as long as possible.

I took the back roads, which adds several miles to the trip, but it also takes me by my most frequented cigar shop, Finks Cigars!

With no intention of stopping I was zipping down the road, when I thought to myself, hey, what day is it, then I remembered that it was Thursday and that the day that the guys who ride hang out at Finks.

I have wanted to stop in to visit with those guys for quite some time, but always seem to miss it due to the weather, or for a while I was working on getting the bike in good running order, or I just plain forget.

As a matter of fact, just last week I mentioned to Deb that I was going to go the next day and when I got up in the morning I realized that it was Friday and I had missed it.

My bike parked in front of Finks Cigars

Any how, as I approached, I saw a couple of bikes parked out front (didn’t see all the guys on the side of the building, facing the road, duh!)

Pics of the bikers at Finks

another pic of the bikers at Finks

So I pulled in and went over and invited myself to the party!

I went inside and grabbed a few sticks and came back out to visit with the guys.

pic of a dog at Finks

Didn’t get this guys name!

For those of you who are uncomfortable meeting fellow brothers of the leaf, it really is that easy! You just say hi and tell them your new to the lounging part of cigars and make yourself at home.

I think I had met some of these fellows before, wasn’t sure and none said they remembered me, especially not since Cigar Pals. The one other time I had visited with this group, I didn’t have the blog then.

Anyway, I sat and smoked a stick and visited with Jackpot, George and the rest whose names I forgot to write down.

Most of them were halfway through their cigars when I sat down, so we only visited for about half an hour before most were ready to go, which didn’t bother me, because as I said, I was on my way to a different Cigar Adventure when I decided to stop there.

When I was inside picking out a cigar, I saw a guy in a blazer talking to the management and the first thing that went through my mind was: I bet he’s a rep for some cigar company.

As I was getting ready to leave, that guy came out carrying a pretty good size traveling humidor. I complemented him on it and he said thanks. I then asked him if he was a rep and he said yes.

I asked him which one and he said Micallef. mentioned to him that I had just recently heard about them from Bob up at Tobak Hause in Fredricksburg.

I gave him my card and he reciprocated and I found out he was Brandon Luna the regional account manager.

I said I didn’t think that I had smoked any of there cigars and he gave me a couple, which was funny because, when I saw the band, I recognized it from one that I had found on my tool cart in the garage, where I toss bands until I get around to putting them in a glass jar we have for them.

I will do a review of this stick soon.

Off To My Next Adventure

I still had about half a stick left when I left Finks, which was good, since those who know me, know that I like to smoke while I ride.

So off I went, cigar clenched between my teeth (by the way, I was smoking a Plascencia, don’t remember which one) roaring up the road. Listening to the rumble of the pipes with Steve Earl blasting from the stereo!

Cigar Pointe

So I arrive at Cigar Pointe and remember to take a pic of the bike in front of the building, which is the one shot that Deb and I both seem to forget to get and then end up swiping it from the website.

pic of my bike in front of Cigar Pointe

They also had a really cool wooden Indian out in front of the store and one inside. I will add them to my wooden Indian page.

pic of wooden Indian out side of Cigar Pointe

As I go through the door, I was greeted by Gabe, who is the proprietor and after introducing myself we talked about the store, which had been in business for 10 years.

A pic of Gabe behind the counter as I enter Cigar Pointe

I came to find out that while he carries a lot of the big name faces, what he likes to do, is to introduce boutique cigars to his customers, so I invited him to show me around and introduce me to some of these unique and not so easy to find treasures.

pic of racks of cigars in humidor at Cigar PointeAnother pic of shelves with cigars inside humidor at Cigar Pointe

He went on to show me several faces made by a company called Principle. I had not heard of them before this and after I mentioned to him that I prefer a very complex cigar he recommended one called the Aviator Series.

There was a diagram in the lid of one of the boxes (I wish I had taken a pic)(wait, I found it)

pic of taste chart that I found online

I just did a search to see if I could find a picture of that diagram on the Principle website and did not find it, but did learn a lot about the company and their is no doubt that I will be reviewing one of the two Aviator series cigars that I purchased.

I am really looking forward to it!

Gabe also showed me several other sticks, that he thought I would be interested in and I really blew my cigar budget (if there is such a thing).

This story is getting long and I still have a way to go, so you will just have to look at the pics.

Met Some Of The Guys

Cigar Point does not have a very big lounge. I talked to Gabe about that and he says he was more interested in providing a great selection for his customers and went light on the room to smoke those great sticks.

I did drop in to the lounge to smoke a stick (a Casagagli, another boutique stick that I had never heard of). I got to meet Dave and his son Alec.

pic of Dave and his son Alec in the lounge at Cigar Pointe

Dave and Son Alec

They were the only ones in the lounge when I arrived and we were able to visit for quite a while. Alec is going to school to be a construction manager and Dave is a retired Lt. Colonel from the Army, who went back after retiring from the military to the same job he had in the service, only as a civilian.

When they got up to leave, three more fellows came in, so I had to sit and visit with them also.

pic of Erich in the lounge at Cigar Pointe


They were Erich, Hans and Turner. I spent most of my time chatting with Erich and we had a splendid time talking cigars.

pic of Turner in the lounge at Cigar Pointe


pic of Hans in the lounge at Cigar Pointe


I started out wondering if I could get 1000 words out of this adventure (that’s a Google thing) and here we are at 1358!

I have to wrap it up!

What A Cool Adventure

So that about does it for San Antonio Cigar Shops – On Another Adventure.

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check back frequently. You won’t want to miss the review I will be doing on Principle Cigars, Aviator.

As Always, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section below to ask questions or comment on something.

Till next time we are Smokin!


  1. renee

    Yes it would be neat to see a pic of the cigar bar to connect with your great story.What a great group of people you have met in your travels.

    • Thanks Renee for checking out San Antonio Cigar Shops – On Another Adventure. I posted a few pics of Cigar Pointe in the post. Real small lounge though.
      I do meet some very interesting people in my travels, that’s one of the highlights!

  2. Rob

    Hey Chuck,
    Was nice to meet you at Fincks. The dog in the picture is mine. He’s Jackson. The other one is Harley (go figure).

    Enjoy your blog.

    • Hi Rob: Thanks for checking out San Antonio Cigar Shops – On Another Adventure. Was a pleasure meeting you and the guys. Hope I get to see you all again. I will correct the name of Jackson in the post, sorry I didn’t get a pic of Harley.

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