Rocky Patel Number 6 – Cigar Review

I am doing a cigar review of the Rocky Patel Number 6,  which is a medium-bodied cigar made at our factory in El Paraiso, Honduras. Named for its blend number,  which was the best of the samples.

The line boasts a Honduran-grown Corojo wrapper with a core blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers framed by a Honduran binder.

They have a really interesting video series that tells how they grow the plants and in one of the texts they talk about running a mower over the tops of the plants, that cuts off the tips and this somehow stimulates the plant to grow stronger and stimulates unprecedented growth

Here is something else you may or may not know. Sun grown tobacco will only grow to about 5 ½’ tall and predominately is used to filler and binder whereas shade grown can grow to 9′ tall and is most often used as wrapper.

After 100 days, the plants are harvested from bottom to top in sections. These sections are classified as Seco the bottom of the plant, Viso the middle, and Ligero the top of the plant. These three sections are further subdivided by layer into smaller groups called primings. Each leaf of the plant can supply a slightly different flavor. By dividing the plant further into primings, Rocky Patel has greater control in pinpointing the exact flavor he wants from each of his plants.

Interestingly, the plants grown in the states are harvested as a whole plant and hung to dry that way!

I have to tell ya, you really should follow the link I give you to watch and read about the process, “from seed to Cigar” I have seen this and read about it, but this video series was still fascinating.

What’s in a name?

Rocky Patel works hard on all of his releases to make sure they’re the best they can possibly be, and this latest release is no exception. When producing a new cigar, blenders will typically make several slightly tweaked versions of the same blend before they settle on a final recipe. When the smoke had cleared from all the product testing on this newest Rocky creation, it was blend number 6 that stood out as being the best. They had the perfect blend, all they needed was the perfect name. A few ideas were floated but nothing seemed to stand out to Rocky, so he decided simply to name it after the test blend number, and so the Rocky Patel Number 6 was born.

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Pic of a box of Rocky Patel Number 6

Nish Patel describes the flavor of this beauty as having a lot of sweetness, and accurately boasts that it’s totally unlike anything else they’ve released to date. Up top is a Corojo wrapper grown in Honduras, concealing the finest leaves from Rocky’s own farms. The profile is held down by a unique honey note, over top layers of vanilla, coffee, earth, and bread. The Patels spare no expense in creating only the best cigars, and you’ll undoubtedly agree when you light up a Rocky Patel Number 6.

What’s Under The Hood Of The Rocky Patel Number 6

Size:Toro (6 ½ x 52)

Strength:Medium Bodied

Wrapper:Honduran-grown Corojo

Filler:Honduran and Nicaraguan


How’d She Run

Start: 7:27 PM End: 8:45 PM Burn Time: 1:18

Aroma: Leather, mocha and spice

Cold Draw: Leather, mocha and spice

Construction: Rugged, dark walnut, oily wrapper, with tight seams and some small veins. Double cap, with an open foot.

Burn: Pretty even through the first third, started to canoe, but caught up. Later in the first third, started canoeing again, but not bad. Did a little touch up at the end of the first third. In the second third, the burn evened out after a touch up, but started canoeing again close to the final third. Had to do another touch up at the beginning of the final third. Started canoeing at the end of the final third

Draw: Nice and even, with just a little back pressure

Flavor Profile:

Light Up: Smooth and oily, with notes of leather, mocha and spice,

First Third: shortly after light up, started getting some pepper. leather, mocha and spice, oily on the tongue. Late in the first third, took on some sweetness and the mocha became more pronounced.

Second Third: Started off with leather mocha and sweet spice, still oily on the tongue. leather began to come on stronger and the mocha and sweet spice backs off some. At about the half, the mocha became more of a java. At the half, the flavor became very leathery, with just a hint of sweet spice. The java faded way back.

Final Third: Stayed pretty much leathery till the end, still some sweet spic in the background and the java pretty much went away.

Notes: This stick started out with a pretty nice flavor profile, but started fizzling out at about the half. I was constantly having to watch the burn and had to do two touch ups.

Doesn’t make my Daily Smoke List

OK, so I gave this stick a second chance to ring my bells and while it started off with some interesting flavors, it just didn’t make it to the finish line.

As most of you know, I prefer a cigar that is complex and Rocky Patel Number Six started out kinda interesting, it just didn’t have the staying power.

I have purchase two of them and don’t believe I will buy another one. There are too many cigars out there to spend my hard-earned dollars on something that doesn’t hold my interest, however if you think you would like to give it a try, because we all know that cigars are subjective, there will be a link somewhere on this page where you can order one.

As always, if you enjoyed this cigar review, please feel free to leave comments, questions or suggestions below in the comments section.

Till Next Time Cigar Pals:

Smooth Smokin


  1. Sean

    I just received a 5 pack of these, had one sitting by the fire on the 4th of July. I think I liked it but I wasn’t feeling well that night so I don’t really remember.

    • Hi Sean: Thanks for checking out the Number 6 review. Let me know what you think when you smoke another one please and how the burn is. I tried it twice and just got frustrated.

  2. Greeting from Hong Kong to Cigar Pals

    I came back to Hong Kong from Cali since 2006 and I used to smoke lots of Non-Cubans in U.S. and they were great, especially Rp and Patron. Even since I came back to Hong Kong, I found out Cubans is dominating the market here and Non-Cubans are very hard to come by. Recently I finally able to buy Rp Number 6 in Hong Kong and the price is about right….Love it so very much and it reminds me my good old days in U.S. I love your review and thank you for sharing…..Michael from Hong Kong

    • Hi Michael: Thanks for checking out the post. I am glad you are able to find some non Cuban cigars in Hong Kong. I have been to Hong Kong, way back in my Navy days and long before I smoked cigars. I ran into the same situation down in Mexico a few years ago and ended up riding down to San Andres to find some good cigars.
      Smooth Smokin!

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