My Father, The Judge – Cigar Review

Today we are reviewing Don Pepin’s My Father, The Judge cigar. I was asked to do this review by our friend Renee Westrvelt! The story began in 2003 when Don Pepin Garcia and his family established a small cigar factory in Little Havana, which is Miami’s Cuban heart. Never imagining that through his love and … [Read more…]

CAO Orellana Cigar Review

I recently dropped by Foggies Liquor in Sioux Falls, SD and had the pleasure of meeting Scot and Traci Harvie and in the course of visiting with them, Scot gave me a CAO Orellana which is the latest in the Amazon series by CAO. Scot told me that he had gotten it at the 2019 … [Read more…]

JTL Trinidad Espiritu Cigar Review

I am talking today about the JTL Trinidad Espiritu Magnum. This is a 6×60 and even though it is supposed to be a Medium body stick, I am inclined to say that it is full-bodied. Tobacco Row While on my way back from The Cattle Baron, Bryan Mussard’s place it Dillon, Mt I stopped for … [Read more…]