Gurkha Ninja Review

Well Google is always telling me that I don’t post enough, so I decided to try to post more often. But what should I post about? Then someone else suggested that I should do more reviews, OK, so what shall I review? Oh, I’ve got it! I will post Cigar reviews! So today class, we … [Read more…]

Alec Bradley Fine and Rare – Cigar Review

A while back while in St Augustine, Florida I chanced upon an Alec Bradley Fine and Rare cigar. I was in Stogies cigars shop in old town checking out the humidor and asking about cigars when this cigar was recommended to me. The asking price $25.00 but I was offered a “best brother-inlaw deal” of … [Read more…]

Warfighter Cigars – Veteran Owned

A few months ago I was in St. Augustine Fl and while visiting  Old City cigar shop in Old Town I ran across Warfighter Cigars. This is a veteran owned cigar company and I was imediately intrigued by their idea for a cigar company. What Is A Warfighter THEY ARE VETERANS, FIREFIGHTERS, POLICE, FIRST RESPONDERS … [Read more…]