Principle Aviator Cigar Review

Well today we are going to do the Principle Aviator Cigar Review and what a review it was. The other day I stopped by a place called Cigar Pointe, maybe you read about it in my post: San Antonio Cigar Shops – Another Adventure that I put up the other day. Gabe who is the … [Read more…]

The Road To Texas – Local Cigars

Well folks, after Pennsylvania, we headed down the road to Texas. We were looking forward to getting back home and some local cigars. While I don’t spend a lot of time in Texas, I do call it home and enjoy coming down and visiting with the kids, not to mention the milder climate during the … [Read more…]

My Father, The Judge – Cigar Review

Today we are reviewing Don Pepin’s My Father, The Judge cigar. I was asked to do this review by our friend Renee Westrvelt! The story began in 2003 when Don Pepin Garcia and his family established a small cigar factory in Little Havana, which is Miami’s Cuban heart. Never imagining that through his love and … [Read more…]

I’m Back – Did You Miss Me?

Hello Cigar Pals: I’m back – Did you miss me? My humble appologies folks, I have been distracted and let the blog suffer. I hope you will forgive me? As you know, Cigar Pals is me riding around the country having cigar adventures and writing about them. Most of you know that in April, we … [Read more…]