Micallef Grande Bold – Mata Fina Cigar Review

Today we will be reviewing the Micallef Grande Bold Mata Fina Cigar, by Micallef Cigars, from up around Fort Worth, Texas.

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This probably won’t be a long post, but as I found out, this is a worthy cigar.

The story behind how I came by this stick is in my post: San Antonio Cigar Shops – On Another Adventure. I talk about how I met Brandon Luna, the rep for Micallef Cigars and how I got these cigars.

The Story Behind Micallef Cigars

Al Micallef is a business man, who has seen success in multiple business ventures.

He also smokes cigars and while enjoying a stick at the Silver Leaf Cigar Lounge in Fort Worth, Texas, Joel and Edel Gomez Sanchez broke down right in front of the place.

The Sanchez’ spent 3 days with Al and others and revealed that they were Cuban and had a family tobacco business, dating back to their grandfather Pedro F Gomez started in 1934.

They had since moved the business and carried on the family tradition in Valle De San Andres in Veracruz, Mexico.

On a side note: I have been to San Andres, 3 years ago on a motorcycle ride. I was looking for cigars (not easy to find in Mexico). That is where I first discovered and fell in love with San Andres tobacco.

So any how, when the Sanchez’ got ready to leave Fort Worth, Al asked them if they would make him a 1000 cigars.

When he tried to tell them what he liked in a cigar, they said, we have been watching you smoke cigars for three days and we know what you like in a cigar and we will make something you will approve of.

There is a lot more information on the site about Al and the Sanchezes and I will leave a link so you can look it up!

What About This Cigar

The Grande Bold Mata Fina is a medium to full flavor cigar.

There are 5 vitolas and the one that I smoked was a Gordo 5×56

The Wrapper is Brazilian, the binder Nicaraguan and the filler Nicaraguan

I started smoking at 6:02 PM and finished at 7:16 leaving a burn time of 1:14

The Mata Fina consists of a dark oily wrapper, with tight seems, very small veins and a triple cap.

The Experience

Smell: Earthy (barn yard), chocolate

Cold Draw: Earthy (barn yard), chocolate, pepper on the lips

Burn: nice and even throughout, not touch ups or relights

Draw: Nice draw throughout

Flavor: Earthy (barn yard) essence of chocolate, hint of butterscotch that faded early on, pepper on the tongue that faded early, smooth and creamy throughout, not real complex

Notes: Nice smooth burning cigar, not real complex but a cigar that I would smoke daily.

Relatively New

These folks have only been around for a couple years, they started in 2017, but they seem to be available in a lot of places. I know that I have seen them at Finks and Tabak Haus and they are readily available on line.

They have 12 faces and plans to introduce more.

I Really Liked The Meta Fina

I really did enjoy the Micallef Grande Bold – Meta Fina. I had talked to a few people about them and they didn’t seem real impressed, but like I said, I could smoke this stick every day, of course I smoke at least 5 sticks a day.

Well till next time folks. Please drop some comments, suggestions or questions in the space below.

Light em up!

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