LFD La Nox – Cigar Review

Hi Cigar Pals: Today we are going to be doing a cigar review of the Le Flor Dominicana (LFD) La Nox!

This is another cigar that either Brandon or Jason, down at West End Cigars in Conway, AK turned me onto when I was down there a couple weeks ago.

At that time, I purchased two of them, one to smoke to see if I wanted to review this stick and one to review.

I smoked the first one and definitely decided to review this stick, but I was back over there the other day and picked up another one for my smoking pleasure.

What LFD Says about the La Nox

La Flor Dominicana was founded in 1996 in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Our commitment to quality, consistency and customer service has placed our brand among the most prestigious premium cigar brands in the world. Over the years we have developed a portfolio of quality blends, shapes, and sizes which fulfill the ever-changing needs of today’s cigar smokers. Our well-known consistency is possible because we personally supervise every stage of our production; from farming our tobacco at our farm in La Canela, to the art of manufacturing in our modern factory. This vertical integration is our guarantee! We appreciate your support and partnership.

Ines and Litto Gomez

In 1997 we made a decision that would forever change our fate and define the identity of our brand. We purchased our own farm. To this day the tobacco grown in our farm in La Canela makes up a great majority of all the tobacco used in our cigars and is the base from which we blend with high quality tobaccos from around the world.

La Nox (The Dark)

Dark in appearance and in flavor, La Nox features a sweet Brazilian maduro wrapper, a San Andrés binder and a blend of our own Dominican Piloto and Pelo de Oro fillers. It’s smooth smoke and rich flavor were crafted for elegance and power. The result is a cigar that embodies its name and the serene experience that only the night can provide.

(Above taken from there website)

What Famous Smoke Says

La Flor Dominicana La Nox cigars show just how dark LFD can get. Released at IPCPR in 2015, this ultra dark cigar bearing the name The Dark in Latin, is something completely different from there main lines. Using a mix of Dominican fillers and a Mexican San Andres binder, the La Nox is then rolled in a special, ultra dark and oily Brazilian maduro wrapper. The result is a taste that is completely unique int he industry. It’s rich, bold, and exciting. Pick up your box now.

(Above taken from Famous Smoke)

Click The Pic To Getcha Some!!!(not the size I smoke in the video, sorry)

What’s Under The Hood



Wrapper:Sweet Brazilian Maduro

Binder:San Andres

Filler:Dominican Piloto and Pelo de Oro

How’d She Run

Start:08:45 AM     End:  10:35 AMBurn Time: 1:50

Aroma:Earth, Peanut, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate

Cold Draw:Earth, Sweet Chocolate, Bakers Powder, Peanut

Construction:Very dark rugged wrapper, tight seams, small veins, double cap, open foot

Burn:Slight canoeing early, never really neat, but no problems, no touch ups

Ash: Broke off in about 1 1/4″ chunks. In final third I tapped it and didn’t break at 1″

Draw:Starts off a little tight, opened up some around the half

Flavor Profile:

Fire Up:Earthy, bakers chocolate, sweet on the tongue, smooth no pepper on retro hale, peanut, tough of cinnamon on retro hale

First Third:Earthy, Bakers powder, dark chocolate on the tongue from wrapper, peanut, cinnamon and late in the first third, started tasting black coffee, peanut faded by end of first third.

Second Third: Started picking up some spice and citrus with the earth and bakers powder, still had the black coffee and dark chocolate in the background.

Final Third: Early in the final third starts to get strong and the spiciness turns peppery, especially in the back of my throat. Toward the end this stick becomes very strong. I don’t even remove the band, the complexity is played out and it is just strong and peppery.

Notes: I like the boldness and the complexity, not something I see a lot in a full flavor stick. Even though this cigar becomes very strong at the end, it is still a very good stick and since it lasts over an hour and a half, I have no complaint letting it burn out with a couple inches to go.

Lets Wrapper Up (pun intended)

Well there ya have it, this has been a cigar review of the LFD La Nox. I have really enjoyed this stick and the one I smoked previously.

I highly recommend it and have provided a link above where you can order a box for yourself.

You can probably order a five pack or even a single stick through that link. I have just started affiliating (pushing there cigars) with Famous Smoke again, because I can send you directly to the cigar I am reviewing on there site, to make it easy on you and me.

Thanks for checking out the post and as always feel free to make comments, suggestions or ask questions in the section below.

Until next time Cigar Pals

Smooth Smokin!


  1. Paul W Weller

    Hi Chuck, I may give the LFD Zstick a try. I’m usually not a fan of the darker wrapped sticks. They all seam to be a bit on the strong side, but that one sounds pretty good with all the flavor I like. If I do try one I’ll let you know. Meanwhile be careful smoking those cigars. I’d hate to see you get burned and, “MAKE A ASH OF YOURSELF “

    • Hi Paul: Thanks for checking out LFD La Nox – Cigar Review. Not sure where you came up with “Z stick” But as you said, it’s a strong full flavor cigar and a bit expensive if you aren’t used to smoking that type of cigar, I just posted a new cigar called the Camacho Connecticut BXP that I know you are gonna like, you can check out the post and actually get some here: https://cigarpals.com/camacho-connecticut-bxp-cigar-review/
      I will try not to make an ash out of myself!
      Smooth Smokin Paul!

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