Lets Smoke A Cigar – St Pete Cigars

Every now and then I find a place, that I just have to write about, and yesterday was one of those days. My friends Kelly and Tom, invited me to one of their favorite’s, St Pete Cigars!

So Let’s smoke a cigar and I will tell you what happened.

st pete cigar outside

We met at Cutters

I met Kelly and Tom at Cutters in Braden, which is just south of Tampa.

They like to ride their bikes on Sunday and their routine is to go from cigar bar to cigar bar Kind of like bar hopping, just cigar bars are the objective.

After smoking a stick at Cutters and chatting for a bit we decided to go over to St. Pete Cigars in St. Petersburg.

The ride over was quite an adventure in itself, particularly crossing the Tampa Bay Bridge. The traffic was light and at times we were traveling over 90 miles per hour.

I always like to travel with the local, they know the short cuts!

St Pete Cigars

When we arrived at St Pete Cigars, we pulled in between the barriers and parked in the portico between the building alongside of St Pete Cigars.

outside st Pete cigars

I forgot to get a pic of the key pad used to enter the shop. I would shortly find out that the reason for this was, because Ed (the owner) likes to play cards in the back and it allows the regulars access to the shop.

We followed Kelly and Tom in and right away Mike, whom I know from Sturgis came out to greet me. Next was Ed and he walked up and shook my hand warmly and informed me that he had seen some of my blog posts and was excited to meet me.



I love it when I get these types of welcomes, because I am immediately encourage to believe that we are going to have some fun and this might turn into an adventure that I can write about.

Unlike some shops that I walk in and introduce myself and they are indifferent. Usually the conversation dies out rather quickly and I am left with nothing to share with y’all.

So Mike and Ed showed me around the humidor, which is in the front of the store where you walk in.

st pete1

Ed carries a nice selection of the big name as well as some obscure labels. Over all, I am very impressed with the selections he has available to his customers.

We talked about some different cigars and Ed Recommended a (I forgot) and then Tom suggested a (I forgot this one also, I will try to do better), so I grabbed them both.

I didn’t know at the time that Tom would pay for the one he suggested and the one Ed suggested was on the house, so it’s my lucky day! Of course this did leave me with a dilemma, which one to smoke first?

We then retired to the lounge!

Let’s Smoke A Cigar

Once we were in the lounge we found some seats and some pulled up some chairs into a circle.

Lest you think, I am going to tell you about some fancy cigar lounge, that was not the case!

st pete 2

The St Pete Cigar shop is my kind of place. They do have the usual leather chairs and couches and cigar pics and advertisements on the walls, but that’s where the frills end

This is one of those broke in comfortable lounges that I occasionally run into that just feels good to be there.

Ed opened the doors 14 years ago in a 700 square foot place across the portico and after two years got the place that he is in now.

st pete 3

It’s not wide, but it’s deep. The restroom is way in the back of the building and I do mean way back. You have to go through the storage room at the back of the shop to get to it. they jokingly ask if you need them to draw you a map to get there.

It’s Race Day

When I walked in I noticed that the Daytona 500 was playing on the TV, and having not followed racing in several years, I didn’t think too much about. However, as we sat there smoking at chatting our attention kept drifting to the race and for any of you who were watching, you can understand why.

As the race drew on into the late stages, the crashes began to pile up. Then with just seven laps to go, they had one of the biggest wrecks that I have ever seen in NASCAR.

I believe it took out half of the field, really something to see.

So There Ya Have It

What more can I say, it was just one of those places that I find most enjoyable!

Next time you are in St. Petersburg, Fl wanting to smoke a cigar, stop by St Pete Cigars and visit with Ed and Mike and the boys and don’t forget to tell them that Chuck from Cigar Pals sent you.

You can find them at: 968 58th st. N, St Petersburg, Fl 33710 or call (727)381-9027

Dont forget to leave questions or comments below. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Mike Clayton

    Hey Chuck! It was great seeing you again. I’m glad you were finally able to visit Ed’s Cigar Shop. I look forward to seeing you this summer in Sturgis where we can share another smoke by the camp fire. Be safe out there buddy!

    • Thanks Mike for the comment. We had a great time at St Pete Cigar shop and look forward to seeing y’all there again in the future. Maybe we will get a chance to stop in and smoke a cigar on our way back up from Florida City, if not we definitely look forward to seeing you at the Sturgis motorcycle rally.

    • Thanks as always Renee for following Cigar Pals. I don’t remember what cigar it was, but I know it was the one that Ed gave me. Glad you enjoyed the race video. I have an new post that I am writing and hope to post today. We have also been invited to visit with the folks at JC Newman, the last remaining cigar manufacturer in Ybor City, where the cigar industry started in America and hope to post a story about that later this week. Until then, let’s smoke a cigar and contemplate the many cigar adventures we have had in the past and even just since we have been here in Cigar City.

  2. Thomas P Butler

    Chuck, pretty sure Ed gave you a Camacho that was about 10 years old. If I remember correctly I got you a La Palina El Ano 1896 Oscuro.

    See you in Sturgis (if not sooner)!

    • Thanks for checking out the blog Tom and letting me know what I smoked that day at St.Pete Cigars.
      I have a funny story to tell about that post, but it’s too long to put in a reply to your comment, but I will say that it is important to edit my posts!

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