La Flor Dominicana Chapter 1 – Cigar Review

Good morning Cigar Pals: Back in May I introduced you to a company called La Flor Dominicana when I reviewed the La Nox, which was an awesome vitola.

pic of Chapter 1 individual and boxed

Yesterday, I was getting ready to smoke a cigar that I picked up at Tabak Haus in Fredricksburg, TX

When I was getting ready to light er up, I checked the aroma and noticed something that I don’t recall having encountered with such strength before.

Pic of LFD Chapter ! on Red scarf

Black strap molasses! I thought wow, that’s unique, then I thought some more and said, no I think I will review this cigar and returned it to my humidor.

La Flor Dominicana History

Lets talk a little about the company. La Flor was founded in 1996 by Litto and Ines Gomez. Litto was called by Cigar Aficionado “arguably the most innovative mind in the cigar business.”

He was a native of Spain and immigrated to Canada, then moved to Miami, Florida where he owned a jewelry store.

He was robbed at gunpoint of about $400,000 in merchandise and after that traumatic event, reassessed his life and decide to move to the Dominican Republic where he took up the tobacco trade (literally knowing nothing about the industry).

The Gomez’ in 1997 purchased a 120-acre farm where they cultivated filler and binder leaf for their cigars and later acquired a smaller 40-acre farm where they produce sun and shade grown wrapper leaf.

The brand name La Flor, was inspired by the flower of the tobacco plant, which signifies that the growing season is complete and ready for harvest.

Litto believes in quality over quantity and plants his tobacco further apart than conventional growers and also prunes several leaves off of the plant to allow for better air flow and sunlight.

Additionally, he lets his tobacco age longer than most other tobacco producers.

You can read an interesting article by Cigar Journal here:

LFD Chapter 1

The Chapter 1 is unique in that it has a chisel shape head, which interestingly enough is the first and I believe only cigar shape ever patented.

This stick is also a box pressed and the first box pressed that La Flor ever produced.

This cigar has been since 2013, however it is considered a small batch and while I don’t see it on their website, it is advertised on the major online retailers sites, however it seems to be on back order.

I don’t know if this is due to Covid or they just aren’t being produced.

The La Flor Dominicana Chapter One is the first cigar to be blended by Antonio Gomez, Litto Gomez’s son.

What’s Under the Hood

Size:  6 ½ x 58

Strength:  Full

Wrapper:  Brazilian Oscuro

Binder:  Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler:  Dominican

Price: $10.00 – $11.00

How’d She Run

Start: 7:45 PM End: 9:30 PM Burn Time: 1:45

Aroma: Earth, black strap molasses, hint of floral

Cold Draw: black strap molasses, almond and floral

Construction: Toothy dark chocolate wrapper, invisible seams, a few small veins, double cap on chisel head.

Burn: Nice burn, had to set it down to catch up with slight canoeing, but corrected itself nicely. Had to set it down a few times for it to catch up with itself, but not a problem.

Draw: Nice draw, just slightly tight, but no problem

Flavor Profile:

Light Up: Molasses, earth, floral, pepper on back of throat

First Third: Earth, floral up front, molasses, pepper on retro hale

Second Third: Smooths out and everything blends nicely, floral, earth, molasses and some pepper

Final Third: Still nice mix of floral, molasses, earth and just a hint of pepper

Notes: while this was not a terribly complex stick, it did have a nice flavor profile, that was consistent throughout. For those who like a full flavor cigar, you might want to give this a try, not a bad price point for a one and half hour stick.

Final Thoughts About The FLD Chapter 1

So here’s my thoughts about the La Flor Dominicana, Chapter 1. I was not let down, I smelled the black strap molasses in the aroma and it came through on the cold draw and the actual smoking of this cigar,

This stick was not very complex, however, what complexity was there, stayed true throughout which made it a pretty enjoyable cigar.

I would definitely purchase another one and if you prefer a full flavor cigar, you should probably give it a try!

As always feel free to leave comments, suggestions or questions in the section below and let me know if you have had this stick or if you pick one up on my recommendation.

Sorry, I don’t have a link to one on Famous Smoke, since they don’t carry this vitola. Also, you might have to shop around a bit to find one, since most places I checked are on back order.

You can call Bob at the Tabak Haus (see link above) in Fredricksburg Texas and see if he can hook you up.

Till next time Cigar Pals

Smooth Smokin!


  1. renee

    I don’t recall a cigar with a floral flavor or molass flavor. But it sounds very southern. Yhanks for the flavorful review.

    • Hi Renee: Thanks for checking out the blog post. I consulted the flavor wheel and you are correct that floral is not on there, but molasses is. I have heard other people use that term and I picked up the floral with my highly trained taste buds (snicker). I have another review that I will post at some point that had such a floral presence that it pretty much ruined the cigar.

    • That’s great Dave, glad you are enjoying them. I am putting together a review of the AJ Fernandez Romeo y Julieta for this weeks review, you probably won’t want to miss!

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