JTL Trinidad Espiritu Cigar Review

I am talking today about the JTL Trinidad Espiritu Magnum. This is a 6×60 and even though it is supposed to be a Medium body stick, I am inclined to say that it is full-bodied.

Tobacco Row

While on my way back from The Cattle Baron, Bryan Mussard’s place it Dillon, Mt I stopped for a cup of coffee at City Brew coffee in Billings, MT and when I looked across the street, I saw Tobacco Row which I recalled visiting several times when I was up there a couple of years ago, working at the refinery in Laurel, MT

I had planned on stopping in Rapid City to restock on my way to the badlands to meet Deb, but thought, what the heck, it’s a cigar shop and there might be a cigar adventure waiting on the other side of the street, so I rode on over.

I was greeted by Shane and Dan, who are both very knowledgeable about cigars and visited with them for a bit, regaling them with tales of previous cigar adventures.

JTL Trinidad Espiritu

I asked Dan, if there was a cigar that he recommended and he suggested the JTL Trinidad Espiritu. He said it was supposed to be pretty complex and that it had just been released at the IPCPR in Las Vegas.

Click The Pic to get some JTL Trinidad Espiritu

pic of a box of Trinidad Espiritu

I don’t know if he had tried it himself, but I decided that I would pick one up and do a review on it.

I tried to do a search to find some information about this stick and the only thing I came up with is an article in Cigar Afficianado.

As far as I know, I am the first to review this stick (as a mater of fact, when I was searching for the Afficianado article, I saw that I am page 1 number 2 spot for those keywords)

This is a collaboration between AJ Fernandez and Rafael Nodal and they seem to be recreating some of the old Cuban cigars.

Nodal said that he and AJ were “Re imagining the blends of legendary brands and creating new flavor profiles”

The stick I am reviewing is a 6×60 called a Magnum.

The filler is Nicaraguan, the binder Nicaraguan and the wrapper Nicaraguan, with a natural color and manufactured at AJ Fernandez’ factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

This is a Series 1 and there are supposed to be 3 series scheduled to be introduced.

My Review Of The JTL Trinidad

This stick is well-built with a natural color wrapper without blemish. There was a slight citrus and wood smell on the wrapper and the cold draw had slight citrus and wood flavor and a smooth draw.

When I first fired it up, I got a strong pepper hit in my mouth and on the retro hale, which settled out shortly. Then I started tasting and oily citrus flavor on my tongue which lasted for a few minutes after the exhale.

I was getting pretty excited at this point and anticipating more surprises from this baby, however I was to be disappointed.

The cigar took on a woody flavor and the citrus almost disappeared. This cigar is smooth, but got stronger as it went along and at one point, before the half, I had to do a sugar hit to neutralize the nausea. (by the way, if a cigar starts making you sick, just take a spoon full of sugar and it will ease off)

I learned that from Cigar Obsession”

Unfortunately, this stick stayed too strong for me and I ended the review with about 3 inches left.

There is nothing wrong with this cigar if you like a strong cigar with not much complexity, you might enjoy it.

I typically don’t mind a strong cigar and am sometimes asked to review a cigar that is known to be full body, but this one was too much for me (did I finish it? Of course, but had to take my time)

Deb and I both actually got a head ache!

Reminds Me Of

Even though this cigar looks and tastes nothing like it, I am reminded of a La Gloria from the effects that I receive. I haven’t smoked a La Gloria in years, just because I don’t like the way I feel when I smoke one.


I think that AJ Fernandez is a genius when it comes to blending cigars and have enjoyed just about everything that he makes. Therefore, I am remiss to say anything bad about one of his creations, but this cigar was too much for me and didn’t have the complexity that I have come to expect in one of his cigars.

I hope you enjoyed the JTL Trinidad Espiritu cigar review and hope you will check back in soon for my review of some of the Battleground cigars that I picked up on my Connecticut Tobacco cigar adventure.

Feel free to comment or ask questions below and if you happen to smoke a JTL Trinidad Espiritu, I would love to hear about your experience.

I would also love to hear about some of your cigar experiences and any recommendations on cigars to review, or places to check out. Let me know what your favorite cigar bar/lounge is and maybe I can schedule a trip there and we can burn one!


  1. Doug Theall

    Great review Chuck. You pretty much nailed the taste and strength. I smoke a lot and this one makes me slow down to finish it. Didn’t know about the sugar trick. I’ll have to try that on the next strong stick.

    • HI Doug: Thanks for checking out my post of JTL Trinidad Espiritu cigar review. Yeah Brian with Cigar Obsession shared that trick and I have used it a couple times. Just so you know, I have several reviews recorded, just need to edit and upload them, so check back often!

  2. renee in I D HO

    Hey chuck just love your posts. I almost think I can smell it, the neat way you describe it in detail.Im looking at a cigar mag and it shows a cigar called My Father. I was very close to my dad and this spoke to my heart.Could you review it for me?

    • Hi Renee: Thanks for checking out JTL Trinidad Espiritu Cigar Review.
      When you ask for a cigar review of My Father, there is much more to it than that, because they have several My Father cigars, but I will be on the look out and will pick one up and do a review.
      Till then, You can check out this site to read more about My Father Cigars, and if you see the exact one you liked, let me know in reply to this post.

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