I’m Back – Did You Miss Me?

Hello Cigar Pals: I’m back – Did you miss me?

My humble appologies folks, I have been distracted and let the blog suffer.

I hope you will forgive me?

As you know, Cigar Pals is me riding around the country having cigar adventures and writing about them.

Most of you know that in April, we had a fire and my 2014 Ultra burnt up. I found a replacement motorcycle, a 20 year old 2000 Road Glide Screamin Eagle. I really like this bike, however with an old motorcycle, there are inhearant problems and bugs to work out to make it road worthy.

That is what I have been doing!

The short story is, that I had to replace everything in the cam chest, replace the lifters and push rods, then had to rewire the handle bars.

Just when I thought I had things worked out, the charging system went out and had to be replaced.

The good news is, the bike is running great and I feel confident that I can depend on it to get me to my cigar adventures!

The Adventure Has Continued

Even though I have not been posting, I have continued to have cigar adventures and I will attempt to catch you up.

Angelina’s Cigars

On the way to Pennsylvania, after leaving Illinois, Deb and I were driving down the road outside of Warsaw, Indiana I  saw a sign that said “Angelina’s Cigars”.

I said hey, and pointed to the sign, she said, do you think we should stop? I was like….of course!

We had to get off of the highway and run some side roads to find the place, but when it comes to cigar bars, i’m like a blood hound on the scent.

me shaking hands with Rick at the counter in Angelina's


We went in and met Rick at the counter and introduced our selves. Rick took us into the lounge area and introduced us to Alan, who is the owner and after introductions and a bit of chit chat about what Cigar Pals is all about, he invited Deb and me to find something in the humidor (his treat)!

Talking with Alan, kind of like Tim talking to Wilson on Tool time

I always appreciate when someone offers me a cigar, but I am kind of funny about this type of situation, I hope that this is proper cigar ettiquet, so I opt to pick something that is a good stick, but not really expensive and in this case, I picked up about 5 cigars, but the more expensive ones, I paid for myself.

pic of a cigar, that I can't identify, that I think was the cigar I chose to smoke

I think this is what I chose

If Alan had gone into the humidor and offered me something from the top shelf (just an expression) I would have accepted, but since he left it to me, I took the conservative approach.

Alan is a trophy dear hunter as evidenced by all of the mounts on the walls of the lounge. We talked a bit about his hunting and he is also quite the entrepreneur and owns several businesses. The cigar shop is more of a hobby than anything.

Pic of dear heads mounted on wall at Angelini's

I asked him about the name: Angelina’s and who Angelina was. Alan told me that there is no Angelina, but that it was a marketing idea to create a cigar lounge that would be welcoming to women. (cool idea)!

They had a very nicely stocked Humidor with name brands and some boutique faces.

If you get over around Warsaw Indiana, do drop in and meet Alan and Rick and have a stick!

Don Gonzales Cigars

In November: I  had the opportunity to attend a cigar rolling event, featuring Don Gonzalez Cigars at the Cigar Shoppe in Ellwood City, PA

Don Gonzolez is a Nicuragua based cigar company who originated in Cuba and only uses Cuban seed in their cigars.

Unfortunately, I smoked all of the cigars that I picked up at the event, with the exception of the pipe cigar that will be featured in this post.

Don Pedro Gonzalez

Don Gonzales Cigars is a family business  that dates back to Cuba, before the infamous Fidel Castro. Don Gonzalez has ties to tobacco that date back to the 1930’s in the Pinar Del Rio region of Cuba.

Don Gonzales cigars are produced in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Although it is a family business, Don Gonzales took full control of the company 13 years ago. Once he took the reigns, he completely revamped and re-blended the entire line. Nothing in production now is the same as it was 13 years ago. He changed everything to fit the ways of how people are smoking today, their palates, and what worked best for him and his brand. The Don Gonzales cigar company only uses pure Nicaraguan tobacco. 

Paul and Pastor Dave and Rich were there, to name a few, we had a great time and smoked many cigars! 

Tightwad Tobacco

Pick outside of Tightwads Tobacco in New Brighton, Pa

Tightwad Tobacco, New Brighton, Pa

While in Pennsylvania, Pastor Dave and I were down in the Valley ( which compises a few cities and burrows), we decided to stop in at Tightwads Tobacco and have a stick.

This is more of  a cigarette and roll your own tobacco place, but they do have a humidor and a nice lounge area.

Inside the humidor at Tightwads Tobacco

Don’t reemember what I smoked, or what Dave had, but I remember that he didn’t like it and I went back and got one to see if I didn’t like it either, I must not have, because I can’t remember what it was.

A pic of Tightwads lounge

That Catches Us Up To Pa

So those were the high points up to and including Pennsylvania. We had many good times in Pa. and smoked a lot of cigars. We were camped out in Daves back yard and made several trips to the Cigar Shoppe.

Pic of a CAO Orellana with my bike behind it and Dave's garage Pic of a CAO Orellana with my bike behind it and Dave's garage another Pic of a CAO Orellana with my bike behind it and Dave's garage and another Pic of a CAO Orellana with my bike behind it and Dave's garage

The pics above were taken in Dave’s back yard

Just to let you know, I had the opportunity to talk to Hector of Jacobs Ladder cigars, while there. You may remember that I reviewed this cigar and sang it’s praises and am very sad to tell you that Hector has no interest in mass producing and marketing this stick, so none of us will be able to obtain this beauty.

I will let you know if that changes in the future.

Coming up: The Road to Texas and Texas Cigar Adventures!

My next post will be about a cigar adventure in Vicksburg MI and then we visited the Tabak Haus in Fredricksburg, TX and visited the boys from War Fighter Tobacco.

Till next time: You can burn one down for me (or vise versa)!

As always, feel free to leave comments or questions in the space below!


  1. Doug Theall

    Glad to see you stayed busy.. and you found my sister shoppe I see. 🙂 Keep us up to date on happenings my friend.
    If you are still in Texas in the spring I may ride by and say hello.

  2. I’m glad to hear your comments Chuck. Especially the ones from Ellwood City, Pa. This virus thing has everyone a little stir crazy. The Cigar Shoppe has been to vacant for too long. Both Dave and myself, along with some of the guy’s from the club have managed to enjoy a stick or two every now and then, either on his porch, my gazebo, or Wrench’s Shack. I should have my bike back on the road in a week or so. I too have had to replace my charging system. Hopefully my parts are in tomorrow. Take care my friend. And happy adventures !

    • Thanks for Checking out I’m back – did you miss me. I am going a little nuts myself, been doing reviews since I can’t have any cigar adventures and really looking forward to getting Guitars and Cigars out there. Glad you guys are getting together and burnin one occasionally. my bike is running good, hates the cold though. I am going down to Arkansas to put a hitch on the bike and then up to Missouri to pick up a trailer to haul my guitars, amp and hopefully cigars.

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