Fun Facts About How Cigars are Made

The Best Growing Regions

The best cigar tobacco growing regions on earth are in flat valleys surrounded by hills and/or mountains: some examples include the Cibao River Valley in the Dominican Republic, Jamastran Valley in Honduras, Jalapa in Nicaragua, Connecticut Valley in the United States and the Vuelta Abajo Region in Cuba.


The Cigar Band

Did Y’all know how the cigar band came to be?

Well the story I have been told by Hamlet, of Hamlet Cigars by Rocky Patel, is that the British soldiers liked their cigars, however they wore white gloves and the cigars would stain their gloves So someone came up with a white paper band and from there they became sort of a competition to see who could make the fanciest band. So now ya know!




Health facts about cigars

For thousands of years, tobacco [occasionally mixed with hallucinogens and/or herbs] has played a curative and religious role in Caribbean, Aztec, Mayan, Incan and other indigenous American populations.

North, South, and Central American Indians used tobacco for:

· Religious and ceremonial purposes (smoke was believed to help communicate with the gods).

· Healing open wounds with tobacco leaves.

· Chewing to relieve toothaches and application to the brow for headaches.

· Europeans discovered that tobacco reduced hunger and increased mental alertness and physical stamina.

Modern science tells us that nicotine is an alkaloid which produces certain physiological effects in humans and animals. Nicotine (more info) is found in tobacco plants, and to a lesser degree in tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes, and eggplant. The general effects of nicotine are biphasic: initially it is mentally invigorating, and then it leads to a relaxing effect. In small doses, nicotine increases alertness, concentration, and enhances mental performance. Today we know that nicotine protects against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and can help treat Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and possibly rheumatoid arthritis and colorectal cancer. New discoveries are being made every year about the beneficial effects of nicotine, but these benefits are usually overshadowed in the public domain by Smokerismand anti-smoke hysteria. Fortunately, we know that “stress kills”, and the greatest benefit from luxury tobacco comes from its relaxing effects!



    • Thanks for your question Renee. Actually I have not been to any of them yet, however we will be going to the Dominican Republic in two weeks and are invited to Nicaragua sometime next spring. Then I plan to go to the Connecticut valley next summer and we are also talking about going to Cuba before the end of next year. This coming year looks to be loaded with cigar adventures.

  1. Kelly Bickford

    Hey Chuck, Contact AJ Fernandez or any of his reps. You can probably swing an invite to his ranch in Estelli, where all his fields lie and production facilities boom. The ranch has a half dozen cabannas around the pool and each is akin to a 5 star hotel room. AJ is also a fantastic host. His production people are some of the best educators I’ve met and you leave with a PHD in cigar making. 5 days there as his guest and I left fat and happy.

    • Thanks for the comment Kelly: I will keep that in mind. We have been invited to visit Rocky Pattels place down there some time this spring, but will keep that in mind incase that doesn’t work out.

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