E P Carrillo Cigars -Rebel Maverick Cigar Review

When it comes to exquisite boutique cigars, noone seems to do it better and more consistantly than E P Carrillo Cigars and yesterday I had the opportunity to discover this once again and that drove me to do this Rebel Maverick Cigar Review

Why The Maverick

Yesterday I stopped  by Cigar Bundles of Miami in Florida City, Fl to have a smoke and chill out on a lazy Sunday afternoon, which was actually not so lazy, since Deb had me put a mount on the tongue of the trailer to set her generator on. But I digress!

So I was wondering around the humidor, seeing what they had, even though I have been in there several times. I guess the big question is with all of the choices of fine sticks, which one should I smoke today.

They don’t have a lot of Carrillo, but they have some nice choices and when I got back to them, I noticed they had the Rebel Rebellious and the Rebel Maverick.

Normaly I am drawn to the Maduro’s, but something about the Maverick got my attention! I think it was the color, sometimes I just like the looks of a cigar and that will be the deciding factor for me.

One of the things that I saw when I toured their factory is that when they are boxing up the cigars, they match the coloration, so that the cigars in the box look nice aesthetically.

I have noticed that all manufacturers don’t do this, but Carrillo does.

I also recal Manual Diaz, who is the marketing director for Carrillo telling me a story about a friend of Ernesto’s telling him that in the cigar world, he was a rebel and that is what prompted him to create the Rebel Maverick, which is part of the Dimensionn Series.

So why the Review

I picked out the Rebel Maverick and got a cold drink and walked out side and prepared to smoke my cigar.

I took a good whif of my cigar and the cold draw and noted with great satisfaction that it had some very nice aroma’s. Then I lit it up and received a mouth full of flavor, that I was just not expecting.

I took another draw and just was totally surprised to taste all that flavor from the very start. I thought to my self, I should buy another one and do a review on it. Then I thought, why notjust review this one and that’s what I did and what I am doing

So Whats so Special

This stick uses Nicuraguan long fillers, a Ecuadorian binder and Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

This is an example of Ernesto breaking away from the norm and came out in 2016 as what was called their big ring gage cigars.

There are a power house of flavors in this medium to full bodied cigar ranging from peppery, cedar, espresso and earth.

This stick kept my palet excited all the way through and only at the end, past the band dit it become a little hot and the pepper permeated the smoke.

Carrillo is an inovator

I personally have yet to find something in the Carrillo line up that I did not like. I do have to say that, while the Encore is a fine cigar, EPC has other sticks that I find just as flavorful, if not more so.

When I go into a cigar shop and see something by Carrillo, I always have to pause and think about whether that will be something that I want to smoke on this occasion.

My new motto, though is: So many cigars, so little time and I like to try something new as often as not. I haven’t smoked everything that they make yet, but the majority of the humidors that I have been in since introduced to E P Carrillo only carry a minimum of their cigars and i have smoked most of them.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this! I know that I can’t go wrong if I choose to smoke E P Carrillo Cigars. They are consistantly something that excites my palet and I know I will enjoy the experience.

I hope you have enjoyed this Rebel Maverick Cigar Review and also that you will check out the other posts and reviews here at Cigar Pals.

As allways, feel free to ask questions and make comments in the section below. Tell me about your experience with Carrillo cigars.

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