E P Carrillo Capa De Sol – Cigar Review

Today I am going to be making a mess of what started as a very nice cigar. I did not do this intentionally, but took my eye off the cigar and goofed!

So no matter what you see in my cigar review of the E P Carrillo Capa De Sol, please keep in mind that I am to blame! As you can see at the beginning of the video, this was a perfect cigar.

Pic of box of Capa de sol, with a cigar on the corner of the box

By the way Capa De Sol, literally means “Wrapper Of The Sun”!

Here’s What Happened

Actually two things happened. The first is that I have been seeing that some of my cigars are dried out and I didn’t address that issue soon enough.

The second and most devastating thing is that while I was lighting the cigar, I was watching the camera to try to ensure that y’all were seeing my perfect lighting sequence and I burnt the side of the cigar about an inch up the wrapper and that is what really messed the cigar up.

Because it was a little dry, the burn caused it to start unraveling and just made a mess.

The flavor was still there, it just wasn’t pretty

Due to the Corrona Virus, my local cigar shop is closed and while I have placed an online order for more cigars, right now I am having to smoke cigars that I planned to review as part of my daily rotation. So I am trying to review as many as I can.

Normally I would have not posted this video and if I had another cigar would have just redone the whole thing.

What’s Under The Hood

This is a Full Body Exclusivos 6×60

Construction: Very nice, dark brown, oily wrapper. Tight seams, small veins, triple. Cap, open foot.

Wrapper: Ecaudor

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

How’d She Run

Start: 5:40 PM End: 7:23 Burn Time: 1:43

Smell: Earthy, Creamy, Nuts, Spice

Cold Draw: Earthy, Creamy, Nuts, Spice

Burn: I messed up the wrapper, so I really can’t evaluate the burn

Draw: Perfect

Flavor Profile: Early on there was some pepper on the retro hale and on the back of my tongue. Very Earthy and Creamy throughout. Spice and Nuts. This cigar picked up strength about two-thirds in and the earthiness dominated the rest of the way through. This stick has a nice long finish.

Notes: This is a smooth, somewhat complex cigar, that kept me interested throughout.

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A Little About E P Carrillo

Carrillo Cigars are a boutique cigar company based in the Dominican Republic in the lush Cebao Valley. Many of you may remember a cigar called La Gloria.

This stick was created by Ernesto P Carrillo and later the company which was called El Credito was sold to General Cigars, because the demand for it was too great for the little El Credito company after an article came out in Cigar Aficionado which itself was just a small magazine at the time, boosting cigar sales from about two hundred thousand sticks a year to over a million.

Here is a link to my original post on our visit to E P Carrillo Cigars

Hope You Enjoyed The Ride

Well there ya have it folks, I hope you enjoyed this cigar review of the EP Carrillo Capa De Sol and if you did, please feel free to leave comments in the section below.

Till next time

Keep Smokin!


  1. renee

    Really enjoyed this review. Nice to see everyone is up for mistakes. Glad to see your ok so far with the virise.This is a positive in my day.Can you review’ La Aroma de Cuba,Noblesse..They almost look black…

    • Hi Renee: Thanks for checking out E P Carrillo Capa De Sol – Cigar Review. Glad you liked it and yeah I really goofed on this one. Glad you are surviving the virus also.
      I have found an online place to get the La Aroma de Cuba,Noblesse and will order some and review it for ya, that’s a pretty expensive stick, you have extravagant taste. I will have Deb let you know when I get it and review it.

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