Cigar Humor – A Smoking Review

I like to watch cigar reviews online and see how different people review cigar and in the course of watching some of those reviews, I have heard them talk about things that I am amazed at some of the nuances I have heard them identify

This gave me an idea for a video cigar review, that is unlike any you have ever seen and I’m going to call it “Cigar Humor” and hopefully you will find this to be a smoking review!

This is only humor

I want to tell you upfront that this is just humor. My twisted way of poking fun at something that at times I find quite entertaining.

I am not trying to take anything away from those who do cigar reviews.

When you see a review of a cigar, what you are witnessing is that individual’s perception of something in that stick. The tobacco was not grown or aged with cinnamon or spices or coffee. What they are saying is that something in the smoke reminds them of that flavor.

There really are people out there who have very refined palletes, and can pick out very distinct nuances in the tobacco.

A little bit of truth

I’m just having some fun here and even though this is satire, I will explain to you that there is a certain amount of truth to the fact that what we eat or drink can influence what we pick up in a cigar.

For instance, I Like to sometimes have a mocha cappuccino with a Nub Cafe. What this does for me, is it seems to intensify a chocolaty essence in the smoke.

There are things that we can drink, to cleanse our pallet, if we don’t want any influence when doing a review, or if we just want to taste the pure flavor of a cigar.

Water is one of those, quite often I will just have a bottle of water when smoking a cigar so I can recognize more of the flavors in my cigar.

Black coffee will also cleanse the pallet allowing the nuances to come through.

Quite often you will hear someone talking about looking forward to having a steak dinner and the cigar afterwords, this is because a good steak will bring out some of the flavors in the cigar.

This is a fun job

Cigar Humor

My job is a blast and I have so much fun doing it and hopefully one day it will pay the bills, but along the way I will strive to keep it entertaining for me and for you.

A long time ago, I had a friend who told me “don’t take life too serious, none of us are getting out alive”

I have tried to remember this as I have made this journey  and as a result, I have lived a life that for the biggest part has been most enjoyable.

I am very grateful that I got into cigars back in 2009 (I’m just a newcomer) and have been amazed by the people whom I have met in this cross section of the earth’s population.

They come from all walks of life and all parts of the world and are some of the kindest, most passionate people I have met.

So with this in mind, I hope that no one will take offense at this video as it is only meant to perform the two functions that I strive for with this blog “to educate and entertain”?

If I hurt anyone’s feelings, that was not my intent. I truly do admire those of you with the very sensitive pallet who can pick so much out of a cigar.

When I listen to your reviews, I sometimes feel like I am missing a lot in the cigars I smoke and wish I had your sensitivity.

I will always be grateful for what you have taught me about how to move the smoke in my mouth and retro hale. This in itself has expanded my horizons.

Smoking cigars should be fun

Smoking a cigar should be fun and I hope that you will have a laugh at this while enjoying one of your favorite sticks, with some of your cigar pals.

I also hope you will share this with others. I put a lot of passion and work into these posts as all who use our creativity to promote the pleasure of cigar smoking do.

I would like to give thanks to my editor and girl friend Deb for preparing all the food used in this video and supporting me in this Cigar Pals endeavor.

No animals were injured in the filming or writing of this blog post.

I hope you have enjoyed my cigar humor and found it to truly be a smoking review!

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Thanks for checking in!


    • Hi Sean: Thanks for checking out the blog. I use a writing tool to write my posts and then I upload them from there and edit them in WordPress. You just happened to catch me in that in between phase. I am editing Cigar Humor – A Smoking Review video now and it will be up in about an hour if the wifi stays on. I think you will get a kick out of it!

  1. Paul W Weller III

    As far as humor goes Chuck, I’m not sure if it’s humorous or just factual, but I think its humorous that people of all walks of life enjoy cigars. Everyone from bank executives and politicians, to bikers, pastors, construction workers, mill workers, and all common folks. And when any of us sit down, we all get along and can tell stories, (some true, some maybe exaggerated slightly) ha ha ha, of our favorite sticks, and adventures.

    • Hey Paul: Thanks for checking out Cigar Humor – A Smoking Review! I totally agree that when two people sit down with a cigar, they are on equal ground, the playing field is leveled. There are some exceptions, but most often I find that when people smoke together, they can just relax and get to know each other. Maybe that’s why the native Americans smoked the peace pipe? Just a way to say “hey, let’s chill!

  2. Deb

    I really enjoyed “Cigar Humor – a smokin Review.” For me, there’s even more to it than just the “fun” with the flavors. I recently had an experience with some friends (knew them, but not real well). We all had brief and various experiences with smoking cigars but they were very old stories, so we decided to plan a new and exciting adventure. To make a long story short, we had a blast and it gave us a new meaning to “cigar humor!”


    • Hi Deb: Thanks for checking out the blog. I am glad you enjoyed the post Cigar Humor – -A Smoking Review! We try to entertain and educate here at Cigar Pals and in general just have a great time and awesome Cigar Adventures! I believe that you facetimed me while you were on that adventure and I got to meet the gang and join in the fun. Always remember when smoking in a hot spring, keep the cigar out of the water!

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