Cigar Event at Seguin Cigars – Plasencia Cigars

Hey Cigar Pals: Things are starting to open back up and Deb and I got to ride out to Seguin Cigars yesterday for a cigar event. They were featuring Plasencia Cigars and everyone had a great time.

Pic of me and my old Road Glide outside Seguin Cigars

They also did a craw fish boil with catfish and shrimp which was spicy, but very good.

The Ride Out Kinda Sucked

We rode out on my new bike and while being a little cool, it was a nice day for a ride. All was going well until we hit the construction zone on I-10 and with no warning, they actually closed a section of the interstate and we got stuck in a mess where we were going from 3 lanes down to one, so we could get on the service road.

I managed to get off early and thought I could take an alternate route, but my wonderful Harley Navigation system took me on a big loop and brought me right back to where I got off (you know I was a happy camper at that point)!

At that point, I went with my instincts and found another way around.

Met Tom Chavers, the Plasencia Rep

We finally made it to Seguin Cigars and I started rolling video right away, which you will see in the video. They had a nice sized crowd when we got there and I walked around saying my howdies, then asked where the Plasencia guy was, turned out that Tom Chavers (the first person I howdied with at the door) was the Rep.

Pic of Tom Chavers, the Plasencia Rep

Tom Chavers, Plasencia Rep

I introduced myself and started chatting with Tom and I believe we hit it off right away. They had a nice display set up in the Humidor and we went in and he started telling me about Plasencia Cigars and I told him that I am pretty familiar with Plasencia, as a matter of fact, my favorite cigar right now it the Plasencia, Alma Fuerte, Sixto II.

This is a 6 x 60, box pressed, Hexagon, Nicaraguan Puro. The original Alma Fuerte debuted in 2016 and I am not sure, but I believe it is the same blend as the Sixto II

pic of the three cigars I talk about

(L) Sixto II (C)Sixto I (R) Del Fuego

Before I went out there I did my due diligence and noticed a couple of cigars that I was unfamiliar with and asked Bill about them.

The first was the Alma Fuerte Sixto I. From what I understand, this is the same blend as the other Alma Fuerte’s, however it comes with a 10-year-aged Colorado claro wrapper grown on the company’s farms in Jalapa, Nicaragua.

The second vitola that I asked about was the Alma Del Fuego and the reason that this stick peaked my curiosity, was because it has Ometepe leaf in it. This tobacco has a sweetness to it that I can usually readily identify and am very fond of.

This cigar is also a Nicaraguan Puro and who doesn’t like Nicaraguan tobacco.

On To The Crawfish Boil (Usually Pronounced Boll)

After visiting with Tom in the humidor, I wandered out on the patio and said my howdies to those gathered out there. Then I followed the aroma into the kitchen and followed Tim (who invited us out to this event) to a big boiling pot that was just coming off the fire and poured into a big cooler to be served up.

pic of a cooler of crawfish

So I followed the food and got myself a nice plate of Crawfish (with all the trimming (potatoes, corn on the cob)), shrimp and catfish (I love catfish).

close up pic of a crawfish

Who’s Ur Daddy

I have only been to one other Crawfish Boil and that was several years ago, and Deb had never been to one, so the local folks were teaching her how to do craw fish, and I just listened in, since I didn’t remember. We both figured it out pretty quick and both opted not to such the juice out of the head (yuck).

Pic of me with a crawfish

The food was excellent and they also had donuts and cake, which was delicious.

Who Else Was There

I talked to most everyone who was there at some point or another, but can’t remember every ones names.

Chattin with some other riders

There were two other guys riding, one guy rode an Indian Scout and the other had a pearl white Street Glide with lots of bling. The guy on the Indian was James and I can’t remember the Street Glide guys name, but if you leave your name in the comments I will add it.

Also guys, if you want to send me a pic of your bike, I will add that too (I forgot to get pics even though I made a special trip out to check them out).

Another funny story, I have been calling Bill, Erick, because when I was doing my post The Adventures Continue – Let’s Do This (Part 1) I called and asked Dustin who the owner was, and he told me Erick, however, I had not met Erick before yesterday, so I made the wrong assumption.

Bill, one of the owners of Seguin Cigars


I did correct it in my other post and will put their pics in this post to make it clear as mud!

Pic of Erick


I am not particularly a basketball fan, but there was basketball on both of the big screens.

I spent more time talking with Tom from Plasencia and found out that he was in the Navy, so we had that in common and shared what old squids call Sea Stories.

pic of Tom and me talking behind folks on the patio

Eatin Cookies and Smokin Stogies

We also talked a lot about cigars and places to smoke them. Toms region is Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona and I think he knows every cigar shop / lounge in all four states.

Another pic of Tom and me

Two Swabbies Swappin Sea Stories

He has only been with Plasencia since November and he Rep’d for another company for about a year, before he went with Plasencia. While not being in the business for very long, Tom has been a cigar smoker for 21 years, so he has a lot of experience and talking to him, I picked up on that immediately.

It Was Great To Get Out To A Cigar Event

So it was great to get out to a cigar event and visit with fellow cigar enthusiasts. I always enjoy the gang at Seguin Cigars and even though it’s a long ride out there, it’s always well worth the trip.

Being a big fan of Plasencia Cigars, I really enjoyed meeting Tom and being turned on to some new cigars. I forgot to mention that while at this event, I smoked one of the Sixto I’s first and that is an incredible cigar, while I can’t quite discern all of the nuances yet (since I had Covid) I was able to pick up some of the flavors and was really impressed.

I will review that cigar in the near future.

I also smoked a Alma Del Fuego, and was able to pick out the Ometepe flavors, which really makes me happy, because that means that I am getting my sense of taste back, and my sense of smell is almost fully restored.

Thanks for joining us today and as always please feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions below.

Till next time Cigar Pals

Smooth Smokin!


  1. Debbie Versteeg

    It’s great to be out on new adventures (without the mask). Brand new experience for me and was nice to sit and enjoy a stick on their wonderful patio. Thanks for sharing our adventure in Cigar Event st Seguin Cigars

    • I am glad that I got to get my new bride out to a cigar event. I am glad you enjoyed it Deb. Check back in soon and see the complete post if you like!By the way, you took some great pics, thanks!

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