Cattle Baron Cigars – Heart Of The West

Today we are going to talk about Cattle Baron Cigars a fairly recent brand that takes us to the heart of the west.

To the time of the cattle drives and the rugged Cowboys who fought through deserts and storms, crossed swollen rivers warred with Comanches and rustlers and at times had to fight for grass to keep the cattle fed in order to get them to market. Kinda like a cigar adventure!

If they made it to the rail head and the cattle were in good shape and the market was up, the cattle baron walked away with a hefty sum…..the cowboy, well he would usually get paid his wages which he would in short order lose to the bartenders, gamblers and whores and would leave the cow town with empty pockets and memories, some good…. some not so!

Meet The Cattle Baron

pic of box of cattle baron matches and their band alongside a nub of a cigar

Montana cattle rancher Bryan Mussard is the owner of Cattle Baron Cigars, a line he developed with Debonaire Cigars Phil Zanghi and produced at Augusto Reyes Cigars in The Dominican Republic.

According to an article written by E. Edward Hoyt of Smokeshop Magazine,” Bryan got his start in the cattle industry when he was 10 and borrowed $400 to buy his first cow.

Ever since he’s understood that being “average” just isn’t enough when it comes to generating enough revenue to repay loans and grow a business, much less thrive.”

Bryan started on his own in the cattle business, he didn’t come from money. When he got out of high school, his parents basically told him that it was time to go and he would have to make it on his own.

He says that if he had had it all handed to him, he would not have had to figure out how to be the best and compete with all the other cattle companies out there.

Brian and his family have become very successful in the cattle industry with their Reminisce Angus Ranch in Dillon, Mt. where they manage between 10,000 and 12,000 head a year. Here they raise some of the worlds finest high marbling Angus bulls.

Bryan also has his own line of 93 rated gluten free Gorgeous Vodka and then extended that line to create a cranberry tea vodka developed specifically to be paired with fine cigars.

Bryan had been a premium cigar enthusiast for over 30 years and since he created a Vodka to be paired with fine cigar, it naturally followed that he would create the cigar he wanted to smoke with his beverage of choice.

While promoting their vodka, Bryan’s daughter met Danny Sinclair who is the business partner of Phil Zhangi, who is the creator of Indian motorcycle cigars, which I had the pleasure of trying out last year at the Tinder Box in Rapid City, SD

Bryan got to talking to Phil and at first Phil was skeptical and wanted to go to Montana and see Bryan’s operation. After seeing how he ran his cattle and vodka business Zhangi decided to work with him.

After 2 years and 12 blends, they finally hit on the blend that would become Cattle Baron Cigars on lucky number 13!

Because I have two videos and the vast amount of information out there about Bryan and Cattle Baron Cigars, I am going to give you some links where you can read much more about him:

Inside The Box Lid

When you start out on a trail with a herd of cattle, there’s no turning back. There’s a unique job to be done and it has to be done right.

A good horse, a good stock dog or two, and some salty cowhands are essential to see the job through. High water, bad weather, and uncertain range conditions are just a few of the challenges the Cattle Baron endures, prior to delivering these high-quality cattle to market.

We are very particular about our cattle. Only the highest-quality genetics can endure the challenges of the cattle industry and become the finest beef in the world.”

Cattle Baron Cigars are made with the same bold integrity and respect to quality and tradition.

We started with the world’s finest tobacco, grown in the rich soils of Santiago and the surrounding regions of the Dominican Republic. These premium cigars are handcrafted by the finest cigar family in the business, for the most grateful aficionado of life.

Enjoy the Cattle Baron Cigar on the trail, at the end of the day, or with a good steak. Where ever you are in life, we say “cheers to you, your dreams, and your time to sit back for a moment and enjoy them. —Sincerely, The Cattle Barons”

I Should Have Been a Cowboy

Well folks, Having been a lifetime fan of the cowboy, and reading thousands of books about the west, Cattle Baron Cigars naturally caught my attention when I first ran across them and I knew that I needed to check them out.

From the heart of the west comes a bold new cigar, with manly taste (don’t recommend this for little boys) however I do know a few women who can burn one with the menfolk!

Just kidding, this is actually a pretty smooth stick!

They are growing and appearing in more and more shops throughout the country. Here are a couple places you can order them from:

I recommend giving them a try!

As always, thanks for checking out the blog and feel free to comment or ask questions below!


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