CAO Flathead Camshaft V19 – Cigar Review

Hi Folks: A while back I posted an article “South Dakota Tobacco Tax – Hard on Cigar smokers” where I posted a video Cigar Review about the CAO Flathead Camshaft V19.

Pic of CAO Flathead Camshaft V19

CAO Flathead Camshaft V19

In that video I talked about what I thought about this cigar and I kinda buried it in that post, thereby doing it an injustice.

By the way, when I did this review, I wasn’t logging this stuff and doing post’s the way I do now, so I will piece this together as close to my new format as possible, but will probably fall short!

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What’s Under The Hood

This is a 5.5″x50 box pressed, full strength robusto.

Wrapper: USA Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: USA Connecticut Habano

Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan

Construction: The head of the cigar is flattened (maybe that’s why they call it a Flathead) with a cap that drapes imperfectly over the shoulder. A firm box press with really square edges. The wrapper is a dry and gritty dark brown with visible seams and pronounced veins giving it a rugged distinctive look.

How’d She Run

Start: 11:19 AM End: 12:10 PM Burn Time: 0:51

Aroma: Chocolate, Leather, Coffee

Cold Draw: Leather and Chocolate

Burn: About one half to an inch in, the burn canoed really extreme. I touched it up and didn’t have any more issues.

Flavor Profile: On the initial light up there was a most prominent leather taste, then about a half inch in I started picking up pepper on my tongue and retro hale. Late in the first third, the complexity came on strong and there was a wonderful mix of leather, coffee, chocolate and pepper which continued through the second third. In the last third, the leather and pepper took over again, but it wasn’t an unpleasant experience, even though the strength really intensified, which would have been way too much for a beginner or someone who prefers a mild to medium stick.

Notes: They use a short fermentation period for the tobacco in this stick to preserve the native flavors of the leaf, and then a long aging period to refine them.

This is a limited production cigar, only making 2,350 boxes of 20 (47,000 total sticks)

Somehow, I missed the last clip while editing the video, and it ends abruptly (sorry)!

So What Did I Think About The Camshaft

During the course of this video cigar review, I mentioned a couple of times that this is a cigar that I would like to smoke every day.

I have smoked other cigars that were more complex and for one reason or another I would rate them very high, but I think the thing about this stick is that it kept my interest throughout.

I said I would purchase another one, given the chance and thus far that opportunity has not presented itself, probably lending to the fact that it was a limited production.

This cigar runs in the $11-12 price range, which is not my usual everyday stick range, but some cigars I will just buy any time I have the opportunity and this is one of them.

Here are a couple more just in case you are wondering: EP Carrillo Dusk, Camacho Criollo, CAO Orellana, Kristoff Corojo Limitada just to name a few.

When I see these leafs in the make up of a cigar, I just have to try it: Criollo 98, Mexican San Andres, Omnitepi and Corojo.

What does that have to do with this article? Hell, I don’t know! The thoughts just came to my mind and I thought I would tell you.

Should You Try One

If you enjoy a nice full body cigar, then I definitely recommend this one, that’s why I dug it out of that post that it was buried in and decided to make it a star.

The CAO Flathead Camshaft V19 is most definitely a worthwhile stick. That is why I did this cigar review of it.

If you run across this cigar, please let me know in the comment section below, I really want another one.

Also, please feel free to make comments, ask questions or make suggestions in the section below.

Till Next Time Cigar Pals

Keep Smokin!


  1. Bill

    Great review. One of my favorites is the 554 camshaft . Good smoke for sitting around the campfire. Thanks Chuck

    • Hi Bill: Thanks for checking out the post. I like all of the camshaft series. If you haven’t checked out the V19 and you get a chance, try it out.
      Hey you never let me know what you thought of the Sin Compromiso?

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