Along The Way – Places I Stop By On The Journey!

Jakes Cigar Bar

While traveling across Nebraska I decided to check out Jakes Cigar Bar in Lincoln. While I didn’t find a big adventure to write about I did smoke some nice cigars and received complementary gingerale. There were a lot of younger people in the bar, not many smoking cigars though. Interestingly enough their humidor while not very big had more high end sticks. They have a sign on the wall in the bar that says you can smoke cigars or pipe, but no cigarettes which I thought was unusual, usually its the other way around. so if you are in Lincoln and looking for a cigar and a friendly place to smoke it you will find them at 101 N 14th st and be sure to tell them that Chuck from Cigar Pals sent you.



Fink Cigars

In my home town of San Antonio, TX I often frequent Fink Cigars. I probably go in here once or twice a week to purchase cigars and they really do have an excellent selection. Their Humidor is large and always well stocked.

Finks has their own brand of cigars in various types and sizes and I have actually run across them in other small shops and gas stations around the state.

There is a lounge with comfortable leather chairs and wifi available.

I believe they have three stores around San Antonio, however this is the only one that I have been to.

They also do a mail order business.

While I have spent time in their lounge in the past and always been treated cordially, for some reason I just don’t get the warm fuzzy feeling that I have enjoyed at so many other cigar stores. Finks is not a bar though, so maybe the lack of alcohol inhibits them warming up to me.

I really don’t know what it is, and it is probably me. No-one has ever been rude or ugly, and I highly recommend them as a great location for purchasing cigars. They have sales quite frequently and advertise the ratings for the cigars.

I understand that they have bikers that meet there on Thursdays. Maybe the next time I am out there I will check those guys out.

They are located at: 12950 Bandera Rd.Helotes, Tx 78023 , phone (210) 695-8889


Bucksnorts Cigar Lounge

Bucksnorts Cigar Lounge

The Bucksnorts Cigar Lounge at 215 Edgefield Rd., North Augusta, S.C. phone# (803)278-1111 is a cigar lounge I recently had the pleasure of visiting while staying in North Augusta, S.C. John, Kurt and Jessy are some great folks and offer an awesome cigar experience. I was in this place several times over the course of the time that I was there, and hoped to have an adventure that I could write about, but it just didn’t happen this time.

(bear in mind that when I do a post, it needs to be a thousand words or more)

I know there are adventures to be had at this location, I talked to several people who told me of events and there own personal adventures there and I had just missed a big event that they put on. The timing just wasn’t right and I hope to go back in the spring for another go around.

So let me tell you a little about the place: They have an incredible humidor that is stocked with some exceptional premium cigars. They cary all the big names as well as some obscure hard to find sticks such as the Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita. I may

do a review on this cigar.

click on pic to order Gran Puro

click on pic to order

Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita

As I said, they have an incredible humidor

The Bucksnort Cigar Lounge are big supporters of Vets  and give a veterans discount!

They serve Beer and Wine and have a nice selection to choose from.

They also have a pool tournement onWednesday nights

I highly recommend The Bucksnort Cigar Lounge! You can also check them out on their web site:

If you have any questions about the Bucksnorts, or any of the places I have mentioned on this page, leave a reply in the comments section below and I will get right back to you.

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