Aging Room Quatro Original – Cigar Review

Today on Cigar Pals, we are going to be doing a cigar review of the Aging Room Quatro Original.

Pic of Aging Room Quatro Original with red scarf background

Originally produced in 2013 as the Quatro F55 and named as Cigar Afficianado’s No 2 cigar of the year, the cigar was re branded in 2017 as the Quatro Original.

The Dark Sumatra wrapper perfectly balances the vintage Dominican tobaccos.

Cigar Aficionado says this cigar is full of “flavor and aroma. Balanced and sophisticated.” (Cigar Aficionado Magazine, January 2014) and gave it a 93 rating in 2017.

Altadis Company History

Altadis USA is the parent company for Aging room and has been around since 1918. Responsible for many of the worlds most famous brands, such as Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, H. Upman and Trinidad

They have become one of the largest companies in the world, gaining access to some of the finest tobacco leaves in the world. This allows them to fulfill their mission to provide the highest quality cigars at a fair price.

They operate production facilities in the Dominican Republic and Honduras and partner with factories in Mexico and Nicaragua.

They say on the site: We understand you have many choices when you visit your local tobacconist. We thank you for choosing our cigars and hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.

Aging Room History

Aging Room has established itself as one of the most exciting, craft oriented cigar brands in the market, achieving many accolades. It is the highest rated boutique cigar brand in the world, consistently earning some of the highest ratings by Cigar Aficionado since the brand debut in 2011.

These include:

No. 1 of 2019 with a 96 rating

No. 2 of 2013 with a 95 rating

No. 14 of 2016 with a 93 rating

No. 15 of 2017 with a 93 rating

No. 16 of 2011 with a 94 rating

The ethos ‘Aging Room’ is instilled through founder Rafael Nodal’s passion for creativity and energy for life.

What’s Under the Hood of the Quatro Original

Size:  6×54 Vibrato

Strength: Medium

Wrapper:  Sumatra

Binder:  Dominican

Filler:  Dominican

How’d She Run

Start: 2:00 PM  End:  3:07  Burn Time:  1:07

Aroma:  Earth, nutty and cocoa, hint of spice

Cold Draw:  Leather, nut, cocoa

Construction: Toothy, dark chocolate box pressed wrapper with tight seams and thin veins. Double cap with an open foot.

Burn: kinda jagged and did a slight touch up at the beginning of the second third. Through the second third, the burn stayed nice and even.

Draw: Open and smooth throughout

Flavor Profile:

Light Up:  Lots of smoke, leathery, cocoa and nutty. spice on the retro hale

First Third:  Nice earthy medium strength. Fairly complex so far with leather cocoa and nut, just the right amount of spice on the retro hale and on the lips.

Second Third: Leather starts coming to the front and the spice pics up some intensity. Cocoa and nut back off, still tons of smoke. At about the half, the cocoa started reappearing and the stick go pretty smooth, took on a butteriness and the spice backed down.

Final Third:  Leather and the cocoa became coffee, spice starts to pic up some again, the nuttiness has dropped off completely, still smooth, but the buttery creaminess is fading.

Notes:  This turned out to be a pretty amazing stick, with enough complexity to keep my interest throughout. Had a slight burn issue at the end of the first third, but once I touched it up, it maintained a nice clean, even burn throughout. Not a long burner, only at just over an hour. This is around a $10 stick and well worth the money.

Click The Pic to Getcha some!

Pic of a box of Aging Room Quatro Original

Will I buy another Aging Room Quatro Original

Will I buy another one, you betcha! In a New York minute (don’t know what that means, but I will)

This was a thoroughly enjoyable stick, from beginning to end and I look forward to finding some more.

You should try one and I will leave a link somewhere in this post, so you can do just that!

As always Cigar Pals, I hope you have enjoyed this cigar review and please feel free to leave comments, questions or your own experience with the Aging Room Quatro Original in the section below.

Hope you have enjoyed this cigar review

Till Next Time

Smooth Smokin!


  1. renee

    Love the hat. Looks like a tobacco plantation owner came to town.How do you get square cigars? Do they mush them in square trays?I am so excited, I have the cigar box….

    • Hi Renee: Thanks for checking out the review. The Aging Room Quatro Original was an excellent stick. Glad you like the hat, I can’t wear it all the time because I can’t tell where one video ends and another starts in my phone. They use a press, to get the box shape, that’s why they call them box pressed.
      From what Deb tells me, you have the box for the Aging Room Quatro NicaraguaAging Room Quatro Nicaragua, which I reviewed a while back, I know where I can get one and will grab it next time I’m over there and will send you the band.

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