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Hi folks, Chuck here: I am a full time traveler and my passion is fine premium cigars! That is why I created Cigar Pals. I travel about six months out of the year on my 2014 Harley Ultra and when I’m not on the bike I do outages at nuclear plants around the country. I am an avid fan of premium cigars and smoke every day all day. As such I am constantly on the look out for cigar stores to ensure I don’t run out!


How the Adventure Began

I started smoking cigars in 2009 and immediately became a big fan of premium cigars. That brought me in contact with a whole new group of people whom I never knew existed. In my travels I have met people all over the country who share this passion and enjoy smoking and talking cigars!

One of the first things I realized is that cigar people share! I have had guys I just met hand me a $20 stick (this doesn’t usually happen and I can’t afford to hand out $20 cigars, but you get the idea). I have met people from all walks of life and when it comes to cigars they don’t discriminate, it’s an even field. Whether it’s a $20 stick or a $2 stick, it’s all about our love of cigars.

Since I travel so much and am constantly searching for places to purchase cigars, this puts me in contact with the cigar stores which can and have been an adventure in their selves . The shops range from tobacco chains to little mom and pop operations. Some even have smoking lounges and humidified lockers where members leave their cigars stashed. I have had a lot of fun in these places and plan to recount some of my adventures in this blog.


My Hope For You

I love to share the cigar experience with others and hope to give you an opportunity to get a look into the world of premium cigars that many know nothing about. I also desire to introduce you to the many places around the country where these cigar adventures take place and encourage you to get out and have your own adventures.

I have followers on Facebook who follow my motorcycle adventures and even throw I encourage them to get out and have their own adventure, I know that many never will, and that’s fine. They live vicariously through me and my fellow travelers.


Good For You, Great For Me

My plan with this blog is to share fine cigar adventures. I am excited about this venture because while I am always looking for cigars, I now have a double mission and a reason to seek out shops to write about and introduce you folks to. I hope you enjoy the blog and please feal free to comment below


Founder of Cigar Pals


  1. I have known Chuck Wimer, the writer of this blog for approximately 45 years. He is quite a character, however his character is unquestionable. If you need advice on a good stick, or just want a good chuckle. Continue to follow his blog. He’s never let me down.

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