A Motorcycle Ride – Or A Cigar Adventure

Here I am, off on an adventure…. is it another motorcycle ride, or is it a cigar adventure, or could it be both?

The fact of the matter is, that it is both. After the fire, I was unable to ride for more than two months. Then I got the new bike and was planning an adventure, and my buddy Rebel died and we had to interrupt our plans.

Now here it is July and I have not been on a real ride since last fall and the urge is upon me to be in the wind!

First Stop, Gary’s

Deb and I are now on separate adventures, don’t worry, everything is OK between us! I just need some riding time and she has people she wants to visit in Eastern PA.

I took off on Monday morning, but forgot that I had not taken a pic of the new bike loaded down, so I went by the Cigar Shoppe in Ellwood City to take a pic, grab a stick and say goodbye to whoever happened to be in the shop, which turned out to be Rich!

So off I went across the Pennsylvania mountains and into the wilds of New York to go and visit my friend Gary, whom I have known for many years and taught me everything I known about electricity

Pic of my bike in front of my tent at Gary's

My camp at Gary’s

Gary is one of my oldest and dearest friends and I always enjoy visiting with him. He lives out in the sticks and I like the remoteness of his place.

Shadow profile pic of me working on the computer at Gary's

Nose to the grindstone at Gary’s

We had to repair his pellet burning grill/smoker and as a reward for my labors, he made an incredible pork roast on it and turned me on to something called Magnum Ice Cream, which has dark chocolate surrounding the Ice cream, top bottom and sides and you crush it before you eat it.

Unfortunately I had to cut my visit short, since there was supposed to be severe weather coming and I wanted to try to get out ahead of it.

The Finger Lakes

I left Gary’s and headed of for the Finger Lakes.

These are a series of long lakes that stretch across Eastern New York and resemble fingers (guess that why they call them the Finger Lakes) (you can look at a map of New York and easily identify them)

Gary and I went to breakfast before I left and he gave me directions and even stopped along the highway to show me where to turn.

About 5 miles after I turned on to the road over to Bath, NY a doe and a fawn ran across the road right in front of me. I hit the brakes and swerved right between them, scary moment. I have noticed the seat on my bike has been a bit uncomfortable since then, might have something to do with the pucker factor involved in that incident!

After the near dear incident, I road into the Finger Lakes region and got some video that I will try to put together for this post.

Lake picture of one of the Finger Lakes

Riding the Finger Lakes

The lakes were a beautiful blue and quite mesmerizing. I learned several years ago, not to gaze too closely at the lakes, they will draw you in (remember…. where you look is where you go)!

Let’s Find A Cigar Adventure

Pic outside of Rocky's Cigars, Syracuse, NY

Rocky’s Cigars, Syracuse, NY

After leaving the finger lakes, I headed for the Adirondack Mountains, an area that I always love to visit and have barely started to explore.

I would like to take the opportunity to plan about a week to tour around New York and check them out more thoroughly as well as the Finger Lake region.

On my way over there, my GPS kept trying to put me on the toll road and I kept resisting and stayed on the back roads.

During one of these redirects, I found myself just north of Syracuse and stopped to grab a bite to eat, while enjoying a fine repast at Arby’s I checked Google to see if there were any cigar bars in the area and I discovered that there was a place called Rocky’s about 10 miles from where I was at.

The reviews were good, so I decided that Cigar Pals, needed a cigar adventure, this looked like a fine opportunity!

A pic of one of the guys who works at Rocky's named PJ


pic of Alan, one of the counter guys at Rocky's


Pic of Ken, who works at Smoky's


pic of Budha, cigar manager at Smoky's


I pulled up out front and when I looked at the store front, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The place had that old time newsstand look about it and in spite of the review, I half-way expected the cigar part to consist of Swishers and White Owls

To my great delight, that is not at all what awaited me inside. I was greeted by PJ, Ken and Alan, three very friendly and knowledgeable gentlemen.

I presented Alan with my business card and told the guys what I was about. The were immediately enthusiastic and asked many questions about me and were excited to show off the vast number of premium cigars available.

There were several standalone humidors throughout the place, and at one point I had to laugh to myself, because there was a soft drink cooler next to one of the humidors.

Rocky’s has an amazing selection of cigars, everything from Fuente to Davidoff to name a few. They have all the major faces as well as some obscure sticks that I had not heard of.

I came to find out that Rocky’s has been in business at the same location for 54 years, though the current owners, Mike Glynn and Tony Lanzafame have only been the proprietors for the last 30 years!

PJ presented me with a card holder that sticks to the back of your phone and has their logo and pertinent information on it.

The atmosphere is really casual and y’all known how I feel about this type of cigar lounge

I also met Buddha, who is their cigar manager. I enjoyed talking with him and all the guys.

My visit was short, because I wanted to get on over to the Adirondacks and set up camp before dark.

You can visit them at www.rockyscigars.com or stop in at 447 N. Salina Street, Syracuse, NY13203

If you get lost, phone them at (315)422-1997

The Adirondacks

I left Rocky’s and made a bee line for the mountains. I wasn’t paying attention to my fuel and found myself entering the Adirondacks almost on reserve. That was an adventure in itself, since I was several miles from any gas and had no signal on my phone to see where the nearest station was.

I stopped at a bar and they said there was a place down the road, but you have to use a credit card. I was expecting one of those all night pump islands, and drove right by the place.

Even when I turned around and drove back, I didn’t see the pump and my reserve light had been on a while. Some people that I talked to right in front of the place didn’t known they had a pump.

Turns out this bar/restaurant on what looks like a golf course has a pump out back (you have to drive across the lawn to get to the pump.

So I got gas and by now it was getting close to dark and I went up the road and had to stop at a state run (pay) campground!

I got a nice spot though, on the lake and dug in! I thought that storm was going to catch up with me during the night so I put up my tarp and put the cover on the bike, figured I would be snug and dry.

Well come morning, no rain! I got up and had coffee and a cigar and looked at the map. I decided to go further into the park than I have ever been and hope the rain would hold off.

The rain held off and I met a guy up at Indian Lake who told me about a good ride to take to get to Connecticut (my intended destination).

He suggested I go further north to Lake Placid where they had the winter Olympics a while back, but we both agreed that with the impending weather, it might not be a good idea.

I followed the route he suggested and had a wonderful ride. I never hit any rain until I got into Vermont and it wasn’t much.

I got to ride though some of the Green Mountains, which was an awesome ride, beautiful scenery and sweeping turns, which totally excites the biker in me!

I got to Brattleboro and had to get on the interstate to ride down to the Windsor, CT area.

So Why The North East

This brings me to the reason for this road trip!

A motorcycle ride. Yep A cigar adventure. Yep

My destination of Connecticut it to come and investigate the world-famous Connecticut Tobacco!

I am in Connecticut and am told there are several tobacco fields within a few miles of my location!

Catch my next post and I will tell you what I find up here!

Feel free to comment or ask questions below.


  1. Paul W Weller

    Sounds like a good adventure Chuck. It was good visiting with you when you were in Pa. Be safe old friend. I’m about to take a break here at work and fire up a rum runner, a Caribbean cigar, however I’m sure you already knew that. Lol.

    • Thanks Paul, will do and it was nice to see all of you in western Pa, I am back in Pa, but about 5 hours away.
      I don’t know much about the Rum Runner, sounds like an infused cigar.
      Thanks for checking out “A Motorcycle Ride – or a Cigar Adventure. I am uploading pics for that one now, so check back for the completed post.

  2. Paul W Weller

    Chuck, I was looking back at your article “A MOTORCYCLE RIDE OR A CIGAR ADVENTURE ” and saw the pictures you posted. Rocky’s looks like a cool cigar shop and very well staffed. I’ll check them out if I’m ever in their neighborhood. I also saw you working at your friend Garys place. A beautiful scenic place. I’m sure you enjoy the ride as much as the cigar. Happy trails old friend.

    • Thanks for going the extra mile Paul and adding more comments on Motorcycle Ride – or Cigar Adventure.
      Yeah, Rocky’s is a cool place and Gary’s place is quite serene.

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